Remote Year Affiliate Program

Version 1.0 | Effective Date: July 24, 2023

Remote Year, Inc. (“Remote Year”) is excited to offer the following affiliate program (“Affiliate Program”) to our members of the Remote Year Nation, which we define as anyone who has traveled on a Remote Year program (“you,” “your” or “participant”). The Affiliate Program is our way of saying thank you for helping to spread the word about our Remote Year Program. We’re excited about Remote Year and glad you are, too!

When you signed up to participate in a Remote Year Program and/or to use the Remote Year Services, you agreed to certain Terms & Conditions, which can be found here. Those same Terms and Conditions apply to the Affiliate Program (and the same definitions apply as well). By agreeing to participate in the Affiliate Program, you are once again agreeing that the Terms and Conditions apply as a binding contract for the Affiliate Program, so you should once again read them carefully.

1. Important notice to participants


  • 1.1 Acceptance. By accepting your invitation to participate in the Affiliate Program you are: (a) certifying that you are an adult with full authority to enter into this contract; (b) certifying that you have read and understand and accept the terms of the Affiliate Program and the Terms and Conditions; and, (c) agreeing that the terms of the Affiliate Program and the Terms and Conditions constitute a binding contract governing your rights as a participant and the relationship between you and Remote Year.

  • 1.2 Changes. We are constantly trying to improve Remote Year, so the Affiliate Program may need to change. We reserve the right to change the terms of the Affiliate Program at any time, but if we do, we will bring it to your attention by placing a notice on, by sending you an email, and/or by some other means. Please review all updates, as once the terms of the Affiliate Program have been updated your continued participation in the Affiliate Program will constitute acceptance of the updated terms. If you don’t agree with the terms of the new Affiliate Program, you are free to reject them; unfortunately, except as otherwise provided herein, that means you may no longer be able to participate in the Affiliate Program.

  • 1.3 Relationship of Parties. The relationship between you and Remote Year under the Affiliate Program shall at all times be that of independent contractors. You shall make no warranty either expressed or implied on behalf of Remote Year and shall not incur any expenses on behalf of Remote Year. We authorize you solely to refer potential clients for Remote Year in accordance with the Affiliate Program. You agree and acknowledge that you do not have any authority, without the prior written consent of Remote Year, to bind us to any contract, representation, understanding, act or deed concerning Remote Year. You agree not to make any representations or warranties concerning Remote Year or the Remote Year Program.

2. The Affiliate Program

  • 2.1 Your Obligations. By participating in the Affiliate Program, you agree to introduce Remote Year and/or the Remote Year Program to potential clients (“Referred Client”). Remote Year will provide you with a personalized and unique affiliate link (your “Affiliate Link”) that you shall provide to a Referred Client for the Referred Client’s use when booking a Remote Year Program. Although any initial introduction you make to a Referred Client may be by telephone, email, an in-person meeting, or any other method, you agree that the Referred Client must use the Affiliate Link and fill out an application from that link directly in order for you to receive compensation under the Affiliate Program. Additionally, in order to qualify as a Referred Client, the person or entity must not already be a Remote Year client or participant when they book a Remote Year Program using your Affiliate Link.

  • 2.2 Remote Year’s Obligations. Subject to the other provisions of the Terms and Conditions, we agree to provide the compensation set forth below for any Referred Client for whom Remote Year has not previously provided any services and/or who has not previously participated in a Remote Year Program who uses your Affiliate Link when signing up to participate in a Remote Year Program.

  • 2.3 Compensation. Unless otherwise agreed by you and Remote Year in writing, for each Referred Client that is referred by you, if the Referred Client books a Remote Year Program using your Affiliate Link, pays the down payment for the Remote Year Program, and does not cancel or void the Remote Year Program within thirty (30) days of making the down payment, then Remote Year shall pay you a affiliate fee (“Affiliate Fee”) as set forth on Exhibit A. Affiliate Fees will be made in accordance with Delaware State and Federal payroll tax guidelines for an independent contractor. You shall bear sole responsibility for payment of taxes owed by you on the Affiliate Fees. Remote Year will pay the Affiliate Fees by the end of the month following the date the Referred Client books a Remote Year Program. If the Referred Client was referred to Remote Year from more than one authorized person, Remote Year will pay the Affiliate Fee to the affiliate source who first met the requirements set forth in 2.1. You will not be paid an Affiliate Fee for referring any person with whom you share a Remote Year room or location and you agree that the Affiliate Program expressly excludes such affiliates.

Exhibit A

affiliates payment chart

affiliates payment chart