Admire elaborate temples in Hanoi, hang with monkeys in Chiang Mai, wander among the terraced rice paddies of Bali, savor street food in Osaka - new cultures and cuisines await in this region brimming with history and tradition. Discover the highlights of Asia as you embark on new adventures, connect with a talented global community, and engage in local life in this diverse and dynamic region.
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Why Explore Asia with Remote Year

Experience the best of Asia from the comfort of our beautiful living and workspaces. Our City Team will be there to guide you through this culturally rich continent, and will handle all the planning so all you’ll have to do is decide which adventure you’ll go on next.

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Your Neighborhood

Whether you’re exploring the winding streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter or navigating Chaing Mai’s lively Nimman district, your accommodations and workspaces in Asia will be centrally located with easy access to the best restaurants, bars, and attractions in town. Discover hidden beaches in Bali and search for the most delicious street food in Osaka - we’ll make sure you’re perfectly positioned so you can make the most of your time in Asia.

Your home away from home

You will be staying in a comfortable private bedroom in a multiple bedroom apartment, house, or hotel. All accommodations are located in top neighborhoods and within a 25-minute walk of your coworking space. Accommodations are clean, secure, and include standard internet. Private apartments are available at an additional cost after booking.

Things You'll Experience in Asia

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