Mexico City, Mexico

As Mexico’s economic and cultural hub, Mexico City is a vibrant metropolis that artfully blends modern life with ancient history. Here, you’ll have the chance to gaze at mysterious pyramids from a hot air balloon, sample delicious local cuisine like tamales and pozoles, and explore some of the world’s most respected museums. From weekend adventures discovering hidden cenotes in the Yucatan to a behind-the-scenes Lucha Libre experience, there’s never a dull moment in this dynamic destination.
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Balloons and pyramids
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80°F | 70°F
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mexican food
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Why Explore Mexico City with Remote Year

We’ve taken 30+ groups to Mexico City since 2016! 300 people in the Remote Year community live here, so there’s always someone to adventure with. You can productively spend your week at your workspace, and spend your weekends exploring ancient pyramids or enjoying authentic tacos.

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Your Neighborhood

Our accommodations are in two of Mexico City’s cultural hubs - Condesa and Roma. These safe, centrally located neighborhoods in the heart of the city are brimming with chic cafes, pop-up markets, art galleries, and trendy bars and restaurants serving up some of the best dishes in the city. You’ll love the wide tree-lined boulevards and easy access to the largest urban park in Latin America, Chapultepec.

Your home away from home

You will be staying in a comfortable private bedroom in a multiple bedroom apartment, house, or hotel. All accommodations are located in top neighborhoods and within a 25-minute walk of your coworking space. Accommodations are clean, secure, and include standard internet. Private apartments are available at an additional cost after booking.

Things You'll Experience in Mexico City, Mexico

Omar Hernández
Meet our City Manager for Mexico City

Omar Hernández

Born and raised in Mexico City, Omar is a trained psychologist with a passion for dance. He has toured in musical theater productions and has also coordinated international film and culture festivals. What does he love most about CDMX? “The diversity of  this city has a million of different things to offer.” His go-to loves are Hot Air Balloons, Lucha Libre and tacos de barbacoa.

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