Best Day trips from Mexico City

Best Day trips from Mexico City

Located in central Mexico, Mexico City serves as a great hub for day-long and weekend trips. Read on to discover the best day trips from Mexico City.

Vibrant. Energetic. Full of culture and community. That’s Mexico City.

Home to one of the world’s top 50 restaurants, Lucha Libre, and Mercado de la Merced– it’s no wonder Mexico City is considered one of the most attractive remote working destinations around the world. Knowing all the unique treasures of CDMX – Remote Year has created a home base in Mexico’s capital city. When working remotely, it's all about learning the balancing act between your workload and fun activities or excursions. Mexico City's geographical location in central Mexico makes it a great hub for spending weekends and weekdays off, exploring neighboring cities, national parks, or historic landmarks. 

Taking a much-needed day trip or weekend away is one of the best ways to explore a country – and Mexico has a lot to offer! From spa-like hot springs to soaring 200 feet above a UNESCO World Heritage Site in a hot air balloon, Mexico City side trips can be as relaxing or adventurous as you wish. Our Remote Year community of over 4,000 remote workers, creatives, and entrepreneurs, shared their advice on five of the best day trips and weekend getaways to explore unforgettable sites with new friends.

Teotihuacan Pyramids

Soar above the Teotihuacan Pyramids 

Ever dreamed of setting foot into the remains of an ancient civilization? What about soaring over them in a hot air balloon ride? If so, we have just the excursion for you! Here at Remote Year, we're all about sharing and creating unique guided tours and travel experiences. Located less than an hour and roughly 30 miles away from Mexico City are the wondrous pyramids of Teotihuacan. Lined with ancient ruins from the Aztec civilizations, each pyramid serves as a historical landmark used over 1,500 years ago. Marked as UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Teotihuacan Pyramids are home to both the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. Serving as a religious epicenter for Mesoamerica before 500AD, Teotihuacan's rich history and artifacts discovered on-site draw in up to 3.5 million visitors annually – making it one of the world’s most famous historical archeological sites. 

"I had been to these pyramids in the past, and in my opinion going over them in the hot air, using balloons, was a much better way to see them. I was nervous about going up in the balloon - but it was worth it (the early morning wake-up call to see the sunrise over the pyramids was also worth it)." - Carly Russell. 

Tolantongo Hot Springs

Dip your toes into the hot springs of Tolantongo

There’s nothing more relaxing than taking a day off from work, and sinking into hot bath created by mother nature. Even when working remotely from a new and bustling city, as exciting as it may be, there’s always a need for a little downtime. This is when Mexico City digital nomads like to take the day-long adventure into Tolantongo! Home to breathtaking hot springs in Mexico's Hidalgo region, Tolantongo’s picturesque scenery overlooking the natural landscape of Mexico’s mountains, is enough to take your breath away. Located northwest of the city, the journey to the springs is well worth the full-day tour and car ride – especially when spending it swapping stories with new travel friends. 

Once you arrive at the Tolantongo hot springs, you’ll notice their laid out in narrow canyons – shorter than a traditional river canyon. The springs are nestled into a resort site, making Tolantongo the epitome of a relaxing excursion – and a great idea for a day trip away. Whether it's exploring the four natural hot spring regions, like the pools, river, tunnel, and on-site cave, or the resort amenities like zip line, suspension bridge, and local restaurants – it's going to be a day to remember. 

"The 4-hour drive one way can be off-putting, but it was worth it. Firstly the drive was so scenic and nice, and the driver was so friendly and made it worthwhile. The hot springs were beautiful, and it's a great opportunity to disconnect from the busy city." - Zaina Ishaq. 

Yucatan Xenote

There’s something for everyone in the Yucatán 

A quick and affordable plane ride away, the Yucatan can be a fantastic getaway from Mexico's capital city. Even though digital nomads and travel enthusiasts are known to jump on a plane – just for the day, we highly suggest extending your day-long side trip into a multi-day affair. With the iconic beaches, it’s a perfect getaway from a busy city ambiance. 

Take a leisurely getaway or one enriched with history, as the Yucatan is the perfect place to blend both worlds. The Yucatán is home to Chichen Itza archeological site, an ancient Mayan landmark, and a New Natural Wonder of the World. The city of Merida, embraces it’s colonial-aged culture and is recognized as The American Capital of Culture. When you’re looking to relax after a wonderful day of learning, the Yucatan is also home to breathtaking cenotes and beaches with crystal-clear blue water and excellent cuisine native to the region. 

"If you are looking to spiritually connect with a place that has been a hub for spiritual activity for Millenia, swim underground in underwater rivers, eat amazing food, tan on the beach and have a local experience in the Yucatan that is not over touristy Tulum or Cancun - I highly recommend this escape from the city for the weekend. It was possibly my favorite experience during my whole month in Mexico." - Remote Year Participant


Boat cruise in the iconic Xochimilco 

Imagine a river filled with boats called trajineras, each vibrantly colored and full of life with happy passengers singing, dancing, and enjoying the company of friends (old and new) around them. That’s Xochimilco! These boats appear on every other Mexico City postcard or excursion website as it’s one of the most unique and special activities one could partake in while visiting Mexico City. Ideal for large groups and group tours, exploring the canals by trajineras in Xochimilco is always a great day. You’ll spend your time on the water exploring Mexico City's neighboring floating villages, hearing local stories, and experience a swim up to Mexican street corn and tajin-lined sodas.. 

In addition to being an exciting fiesta for you and your friends, exploring Xochimilco is beautiful. Not only are the vibrant gondolas swimming across the water for an insta-worthy picture, but the floating gardens make for a great backdrop on your day out. 

"A floating picnic party - don't miss it!!! A Mexico City highlight for sure. Bring sunglasses, beverages, and cups. Buy yourself a flower crown and dance till you drop." - Kari Dowiak



Under an hour plane ride, with under $100 roundtrip fare (and if you’re lucky, a $50 roundtrip fare) – or a five and half hour car ride away,is the city of Oaxaca. We promise, spending a full day in this colonial city is well-worth the early morning departure. South of Mexico City, Oaxaca is full of brightly colored, Spanish-style colonial architecture. A must-visit is the Convent of Santo Domingo, dating back to the 16th century, and the botanical garden Jardín Etnobotánico de Oaxaca.

Along with the beautiful landscape and architecture of the city, Oaxaca has so many amazing qualities. If you're in Mexico City during the late fall, Oaxaca is the ultimate destination for the country's holiday Dia de Los Muertos — the day of the dead. The city's colorful streets fill up with marigolds, and families get together as they celebrate their ancestors before them.

"Oaxaca City is a hidden gem in the South of Mexico. The preserved pre-Columbian cultures, world-class gastronomy, architecture, and joyful people make it an excellent choice to visit. Furthermore, the growing network of remote workers worldwide, several cafes around the city, and cozy traditional accommodations make Oaxaca the perfect city to work from." - Veronica Silva.

There are hundreds of neighboring Mexico City day trips to explore working remotely in the country's capital. We hope our Remote Year travel guide by Remote Year Travelers, has helped add some fantastic excursions and adventures to your CDMX itinerary. Be a part of our community and connect with other remote workers like you — as you work, learn, and travel worldwide.

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