5 ways remote working could change your life

12. Nov. 2021

Remote working

Remote Year has always championed the idea that work can be done efficiently and effectively remotely. This year, as more workers than ever before took their laptops home for good, businesses across the globe discovered what we have known to be true for years-working remotely...works. 

Some of the benefits to working remotely were immediately obvious, but now that we’ve ditched long commutes and held meetings from our living rooms, what is stopping us from working remotely as we grow both personally and professionally in Mexico City, Lisbon, Bali, or beyond? 

Whether you’re looking to grow your professional connections, develop an international perspective, or find inspiration somewhere other than your living room “office”, with the flexibility of remote working, you can now change your life while working remotely abroad without skipping a beat at work.

After leading 70+ work and travel programs in 40 cities for over 3,000 remote professionals, we’ve seen firsthand the many ways that remote working has completely transformed people’s personal and professional lives for the better. Don’t just take our word for it, these remote working statistics agree: 

Remote work statistics

Remote work statistics

Expand your network and boost your career

By 2025, an estimated 36.2 million Americans will be working remotely. This represents an increase of 16.8 million people, compared to the rates before COVID-19.

With so many workers now working outside of the office, community-based coworking spaces are on the rise. These alternative working environments are ideal for networking, and opportunities to meet new people and expand your professional network abound.

Discuss new trends with a fellow marketer, connect with a freelancer to compare tools, learn the tricks of the trade from an entrepreneur or sales guru. When you’re no longer tied to one location for work, you’ll discover ideas and inspiration from the diverse and talented individuals around you.

“I've made incredible connections and met so many like-minded people that I know I'll see again in my future travels.” - Camille

Source: Upwork, Economist Report: Future Workforce

Remote work statistics

Remote work statistics

Join a global community and explore the world ‍

Now, more than ever, it will be easier to get approval from your boss to work remotely. 81% of respondents believe their employer will support working from home in some capacity after COVID-19. 

Make the world your office as you connect with a vibrant community of remote workers, exploring inspiring destinations around the world on a 1-month, 4-month, or 12-month work and travel program specifically designed with the needs of remote working professionals in mind.

“A great platform to work remotely, build a community of new friends, and explore a new culture.” - Kari 

Source: Owl Labs, State of Remote Work 2020

Remote work statistics

Remote work statistics

Reinvent your lifestyle

It can be easy to stick to the same routine, especially if you have to take your office location into consideration. But when your work can be done from anywhere, every day can become an exciting opportunity for adventure.

Whether you are discovering a new way of life in Osaka, sampling new foods in a market in Antigua, or simply exploring the winding cobblestoned streets on a coffee break in Split, being a remote worker gives you the opportunity to enrich your life.

And a more enriched life could be a happier life - especially as 77% of respondents agreed that after COVID-19, having the ability to work from home could make them more happy.

“I have gone outside my comfort zone, I have laughed like I haven't in years.” - Emily

Source: Owl Labs, State of Remote Work 2020

Remote work statistics

Remote work statistics

Evolve your worldview

When you’re working on the road, you never know who, or what, might challenge you. As you work remotely and travel the world, you will expand your worldview and redefine your perceptions of yourself, other people, and the world around you. The life changing experiences you engage in abroad will follow you for the rest of your life.

It is no wonder that 60% of Americans travel to improve their outlook on life.

“The diversity of the group was impactful, in that it challenged me to drop preconceived notions and judgments that I’ve held and just accept everyone, including myself, for who I am in the moment.” - Roosevelt

“The Alma Retreat in Guatemala was the perfect opportunity to connect with myself and my peers on a deeper level. It was a beautiful week to rest and recharge while sharing adventures that will last a lifetime.” - Jaelynn

Source: U.S Travel Association, The State of American Vacation 2018

Remote work statistics

Remote work statistics

Adapt your schedule

How you spend your days, weeks, months, and even years can be completely reimagined when you can work from anywhere. Working remotely while traveling will help you to reexamine your priorities in life, reestablish work-life balance, and set healthy boundaries and routines. 

Plus, it’s a lot easier than you may think. When surveyed, 68% of hiring managers believed remote working was going more smoothly than when their companies first pivoted at the beginning of the pandemic.

“Pushed me to think about how I can better balance work and life!” - Shannon

Source: Upwork, Economist Report: Future Workforce

While the motivations for working remotely abroad are varied, it is clear that work + travel experiences are transformational and can have a major positive impact across all aspects of your personal and professional life. All you have to do is take the first step!

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