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What Does the Future of Work Look Like to You?

12. Nov. 2021


The future of work one, five, or 10 years away - it’s happening right now.

Full-time employees are saying farewell to corporate offices and are taking their work on road.  Freelancers are embracing the freedom and flexibility that comes with being in charge of your work. Entrepreneurs are shaking up the way that we think about work-life balance by finding ways that their personal and professional lives can coexist without separation. It’s safe to say that the way we work is changing.

We’re teaming up with Pexels to show the world just that.

Pexels is an organization that provides free stock photos to creators across the globe. We’re partnering with them because their message lines up directly with ours: in a world where people are open to new perspectives and collaboration, anything is possible.

Our aim is to produce a video compiled of footage created by you and curated by our remote community. We want to showcase and share the way you see the future of work.

Why video? There's something about the way that movement conveys authenticity. Video makes it possible for you to truly visualize yourself in a scene, to take in every detail as it interacts with overall composition. When you're as fully immersed in a concept as you are when you're experiencing it through video, it can start to actually feel real. That's how we want people to feel about the future of work: that it's real - and that it's attainable.

We’re putting out a call: submit a 10-15 second video clip of what the future of work looks like to you for a chance to be featured in a community-built video that unites talent from around the globe.

Here’s how to submit your work:

  • Visit the Future of Work Community Video submission page

  • Upload a 10-15 second video that showcases how you see the traditional work environment changing.

  • All videos should be shot in landscape orientation.

  • Please do not apply any filters or gradient to your footage.

A few submission ideas:

  • Office of the Day - Where are you opening your laptop for the day? Shoot from a POV.

  • The Morning Commute - Record your morning commute. What are your surroundings?

  • Out of Office - How does your work allow you to spend your free time differently? Can you spend your extra hours in a meaningful way now that you have control of your lifestyle?

  • Positive Impact - How can you make a positive difference as a result of your work?

  • Inspiring Places - Where has your work taken you? What is the most picturesque place you've been?

This message of progress and innovation is not complete without your perspective. We hope that you share your submission and revel in the possibilities that the future holds.