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See the World Through the Eyes of Minho Kim

In our new “Speed Networking” series, we’ll introduce you to a Remote in 30 seconds, using the images that tell their story and quick quotes that give you insight into their incredible lives.

So much of the Remote Year experience involves finding beauty in every corner of the world. In each city, Remotes explore with an open mind and get to know local residents. Their apartments are located in vibrant, energetic hubs in each destination and they share workspaces with driven, talented individuals who only heighten their sense of cultural immersion. When they aren’t meeting deadlines or working on professional projects, Remotes wander through the city, documenting their travels and getting inspired by their surroundings. One Remote who is giving this pastime his own spin is Minho Kim.

Minho is a software developer who has traveled the world with Remote Year Veritas. Over the past nine months he has lived in Split, Prague, Valencia, Sofia, Belgrade, Marrakech, Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Lima with his program. As a part of our #RYNation series, we are showcasing the unique way that Minho is chronicling his perspectives throughout the year. In each destination, Minho seeks out interesting landscapes and architecture, and sketches their counterpart as a way to remember every breathtaking moment on his journey. To go along with his stunning images, Minho shares a bit of advice and gives some insight into his adventures so far.


Minho Kim sketches his version of Plaza Independencia

I am currently working as a software developer for Ringle, a startup in Seoul. Mainly, I make sure our website is running smoothly so our customers have no problem accessing our service. I also design and implement new features for our service, which is basically an English tutoring service based on one-on-one video chat between Korean students and tutors from all over the United States.

Being able to contribute to creating new experience for the customers back home is so cool, especially while being so far away from home. I enjoy being a software engineer because it's a job that can actually make you feel like you can change the world while being wherever you want to be.

Sahara desert

Minho's take on the Sahara Desert

Try to find people who appreciate your effort and talent. Traveling with those friends will bring you the most memorable moments.

Sagrada familia

Minho Kim takes on Sagrada Familia

My favorite place to draw so far was Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Not only because I enjoyed my trip to Barcelona but also because the building itself had a really unique and interesting architecture style.


Iguazu Falls gets its turn in Minho's sketchbook

A personal lesson learnt from the trip? That I'm the happiest when I'm where I want to be.

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