Vol. 2 - Working Remotely Abroad in 2021 - What It's Been Like

12. Nov. 2021

City shot

A few weeks ago, we shared the story of one of our Remotes, Jessica, who traveled through Medellin, Colombia during the COVID-19 pandemic while growing her business.  

This week we continue our series on what it’s like to travel and work abroad in 2021.  

We're excited to share Ashley's story, a former Remote Year participant who has been working remotely and traveling abroad in Mexico City, Mexico. 

Like most major cities in the world, Mexico City got hit hard by COVID-19. At first, most everything closed down, the city went into lockdown, and this once vibrant metropolis turned into a ghost town as cases surged. 

Now, as case counts have continued to decline, restaurants and cafes have both implemented safety precautions and also adapted to the circumstances. Many cafes and restaurants have expanded their outdoor dining - there is more seating outdoors and on the streets than ever before. It’s also easy to grab your computer and head to a local outdoor cafe with high-speed internet to get your work done.  

But don't take it from us! Read more below about what Ashley, a Shutterstock employee who traveled on our Balboa program, has to say about what her experience has been like working and traveling in Mexico City during COVID-19.  

"I’ve been in Mexico City since October and things have stayed relatively steady throughout the whole pandemic here. Restaurants stayed open for delivery and pick-up, and it’s still possible to go to grocery stores with limitations on the number of people allowed in the store with required temperature checks at the door, social distancing, and more. 

Parks are open, and it’s easy to take advantage of them because the weather is generally nice here.

As time has gone on, things have opened up bit by bit, with bars and restaurants opening for outdoor dining and having limited hours. Retail stores are open again, and areas like Centro Historico are allowing visitors. 

In terms of my work day, coworking spaces have started to reopen and cafe working is a thing again! It’s been great seeing people sitting outside working and having coffee during the day.

Overall, it’s pretty easy to live somewhat normally here as long as you wear your mask and respect the standing restrictions. 

Working remotely gives me independence, choice, and a good quality of life. I feel so fulfilled in the work I do, the city I am in, and look forward to what each day holds for me. 

I feel good that I'm getting paid to be doing something I love and that I can control my work-life balance to fit the lifestyle I want and the opportunities I allow in my life.”

- Ashley Mikalauskas, Balboa Program

Mexico City has always been a crowd favorite of all the Remote Year destinations. It offers bustling and vibrant streets, incredible food, and a welcoming community. Mexico City is one of the most popular places that our Remotes and staff love to spend time in after their program has ended! We are beyond excited to take our Remote Nation back to this unique city that has innovated and adapted to become safer and even more livable for remote workers. 

We know not everyone is ready to travel just yet and we will continue to share stories from our Nation so you can have all the information you need to make an informed decision about travel plans. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions about Remote Year’s approach to COVID-19, check out our COVID-19 page or send us a question to (mailto: hello@remoteyear.com).