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Live and Work as a Digital Nomad in Lisbon | Remote Year

Written by Catalina Todd

What could your day look like as a digital nomad in Lisbon, Portugal? Discover insider tips for experiencing productive days and exploring like a local.

As you go about your daily life living and working in Lisbon, you will have time to authentically discover the city through the eyes of a local. Each moment of your day will have an added cultural layer, and it is the little moments that make working remotely special. Whether you happen upon a street with glorious graffiti during your morning “commute”, practice Portuguese during your lunch break, or sip vinho (wine) with international friends as you discuss your favorite local expressions, your days will take on new meaning and excitement. 

To help you enjoy productive days at work as you explore Lisbon, we reached out to members of the Remote Year community who know the city best. From the awesome alternative workspaces to character-filled neighborhoods and can’t miss local experiences, our city guide by Remotes for Remotes has you covered.

Starting the day off right in Lisbon

There is something magical about waking up in a new city, ready to kick off a workday filled with a  sense of adventure and possibility. As you settle into Lisbon, you will develop your own unique morning routine. Jumpstart your morning with a jog in the Parque Eduardo VII, indulge in a decadent pastéis de Nata, or simply enjoy a walk through the colorful streets of the Cais do Sodre. Charming mornings in Lisbon are sure to inspire. 

Wandering down any street in Lisbon is my ideal morning. I love all the nooks and crannies and intricacies of each different neighborhood. Every street has a different colorful building with gorgeous flowers and vibrancy. I also liked to open the door to my balcony in Bairro Alto and watch the neighborhood wake up each morning while I drank my coffee.

Amelia, Fika Program, 4 months, Europe & Africa 

I loved waking up and going for a morning jog in the Jardim de Estrela. Then after coming back home and having a shower I would go out and grab a coffee in one of the tiny little local cafes, sometimes I would also grab a delicious traditional Pao de Deus from the padaria and walk to the workspace.

Joanna, Program Leader, Remote Year

Reinvent  your workweek in inspiring and unique workspaces ‍

Now that you’ve started your day off on a positive note, it’s time to get to work! Lisbon is a haven for creatives and remote professionals, and you’ll be primed for productivity in this city where inspiring workspaces abound. Mix up your days by setting aside hours to work from these great alternative locations: 

Intendente square, where there are a few cafes and art galleries and little restaurants, is always a fun place to work and people-watch. I like working from Parque Eduardo if I don't need a WiFi connection, or the rooftop of hotel Mundial if I do. Copenhagen, A Fabrica, and The Neighborhood are good coffee shops to work in also. 

Ellen, Meraki Program, 12 months, World 

I loved the Sao Bento and Chiado neighborhoods-they’re full of small local cafes with outdoor seating and parks where I could work from. 

Joanna, Program Leader, Remote Year

City shot and food

Make lunch hour an adventure hour as you explore local markets and restaurants ‍

Whether you are ready for lunch or a snack, our coworking space is just steps away from the bustling 10,000 square foot Time Out Market. Sample local dishes like bifana pork sandwiches and bacalhau salted cod, or opt for contemporary international dishes-the options are endless.

There’s a whole world of culinary delights to enjoy in Lisbon-here are some favorites from our community: 

Love the Japanese pancakes at Dede’s Café, poke bowls at Boutik, and sushi at Sekai.

Aimée, Kaizen Program, 12 months, World 

Pastel de nata from Manteigaria, O Botanista or Fauna & Flora for veggie-friendly lunches, and the tascas in Alfama or Graça for more traditional lunches. 

Ellen, Meraki Program, 12 months, World 

Since I have Celiac Disease and am strictly gluten-free, I recommend Zarzuela. It's a great restaurant...with all kinds of Portuguese gluten-free goodies. 

Amelia, Fika Program, 4 months, Europe & Africa 

There's a little Middle Eastern restaurant right outside of a park called Cafeh Tehran. The staff is friendly, the food is delicious, and the park is a beautiful place to take in nature and people watch.

Will, Vice President of Operations, Remote Year

Açaí is one of my favorites with a taste of brazil. There’s a place called Feel Rio that has the best Brazilian vibes with Pastel Brasileiro. It’s located in Chiado right in the center. Every time I go, which is often when I’m in Lisbon, it’s mostly Brazilians. That’s how I know it’s a gem!

Tyler,  Global Experience Director, Remote Year

Make your after work hours something to remember in Lisbon ‍

After a productive workday or work week, there is nothing better than meeting up with friends to enjoy the city.  Whether you choose to enjoy sprawling views of the city from a miradouro, listen to Fado music, hunt for the prettiest azulejos, or head to a Portuguese language exchange, evenings in Lisbon are filled with culture, good food, and excellent company. 

Ride the 28 tram all the way around the tracks at least once. It passes through every major Lisbon neighborhood, and you'll see side streets you wouldn't stumble across otherwise. For Azulejos, the best ones are right beside the Miradouro Santa Luzia, which in and of itself has a beautiful view out over Alfama (just don't go hoping for sunset, since this one faces east. Miradouro Santa Catarina or Tapada das Necessidades are your best bets for sunset!)

Ellen,  Meraki Program, 12 months, World 

I'm an ambiance guy so I like starting my night at Atalho Real, which is a great steak restaurant located in a park. There's tons of space, the food is great, and they have delicious drinks.

Will, Vice President of Operations, Remote Year

Surfing in Lisbon + Group with view

Make the most of your weekends on unforgettable local experiences ‍

When your working hours are over, take advantage of the fact that you are living in Portugal by discovering incredible local experiences both in Lisbon and beyond. Hike as you admire the coast and sample local wines in Arrábida Natural Park, learn about Afro-Brazilian culture and cuisine as you dine with a local chef, or discover the wild natural landscapes, volcanoes, and hot springs of the majestic Azores Islands.  

Like many African-inspired dishes, Feijoada, is soul food and is rich in flavor and love...the communal feeling that this dish created was like home. The chef's story about creating a safe, inclusive space for people from all identities and serving food that his mother and foremothers cooked during his formative years was a reminder of the power of food and family. The Feijoada was delicious...Plus, the views from the restaurant are amazing! 

Tirrany, Fika Program, 4 months, Europe & Africa 

Majestic. Ethereal. Vibrant. Peaceful. Harmonious. All words that come to mind when reflecting on my time in the Azores. There is a spiritual essence to this place that must be experienced in person. Our guide, Lisa, was exceptional. I am a better person because of her in our short weekend together. The food, the sights, the glory of the island - it gives me chills thinking about it.

Tirrany, Fika Program, 4 months, Europe & Africa

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