Community & Impact

Our vibrant global community is 2,500 professionals strong and growing every day.

"Sure, I could travel abroad by myself for cheaper than Remote Year, but the value of the friendships I have made in Remote Year Ikigai and the connections I have made through the Remote Year network at large enrich my experience in the moment, and will continue to do so for years to come. I wouldn’t have it any other way."
Erica Brooks, Creative Director at Hello Creative Solutions

Our Impact

The impact of our organization on our participants and local communities we visit are big and small.

Through the power of flexibility, work-life balance, and community, participants of Remote Year often have not only traveled the world but have also started new phases of their lives both personally and professionally, feeling empowered after making such a large life change. Many have founded their own companies, grown their client base, met their business partners or significant others within the community, and discovered personal development in ways they couldn't have even imagined.We believe our product is more than just a program. It's an opportunity for our members to get out of their comfort zones and to see all the possibilities that lay in the world without having to compromise your livelihood.

The Remote Nation

Over the last 5 years, the Remote Year community is an engaged group of over 2,500 innovators, changing the future of work as we know it. Our members come from different backgrounds, cultures, professions and ways of thinking, but they are all making big things happen. If you are looking for an inspiring break from your day to day routine and to be a part of something bigger, join our community of changemakers and take your network global.

We're building the future of work for professionals.

Remote Year partnered with And Co to survey nearly 4,000 remote workers around the world to find out who they are, why they choose to live a nontraditional professional lifestyle, and what they think is missing from remote work as it exists today.

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