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15 ways you can stay active while living and working in Cape Town

4. Apr. 2022

15 ways you can stay active while living and working in Cape Town

For any fitness or wellness enthusiast, the city of Cape Town can serve to be one the most desirable cities to live and work in. Whether it's crushing a full-body workout among the swells of the Atlantic during your AM surf lesson to hiking one of the New Natural Wonders of the World as a sunset hike. The natural backdrops to this iconic city, paired with the immense amount of small businesses catering to fitness and wellness, create an exciting lifestyle that is both enjoyable and healthy.

Before diving into our favorite Cape Town activities, we wanted to touch on the different outlets visitors (and locals) can align their bodies and mind within the city. Whether hiking through nature, joining a state-of-the-art gym, eating well, or focusing on mindfulness, there are so many ways to experience a wellness lifestyle here in Cape Town. Want to experience all 15? Sign up for a 1-month trip here in Cape Town; your adventure awaits!

Stay active in nature

Stay active in nature

Stay active in nature

With some of the most incredible hiking and natural landmarks (including one of the 7 New Natural Wonders of the World), being out in nature is one of the best ways to stay active in a city like Cape Town. 

Table Mountain 

Some choose to take in the views via cable car, others enjoy a two-hour hike to the top of one of the New Natural Wonders of the World. Overlooking the entirety of Cape Town, the summit is both breathtaking and magical as you look onto False Bay. We want to advise that this is a challenging hike and not recommended for everyone! 

Lions Head 

For those who want Table Mountain in their view, or maybe a slightly less demanding hike (but still challenging), Lion's Head is for you! A perfect hike to experience the sunrise, Lions Head has become very popular for locals - so be aware that you may have to share trails up and down your hike. 

Chapman's Peak 

A 3-hour moderate hike, Chapman's Peak trail follows the scenic road of Chapman's Peak Drive, where the summit to the top reveals 360-degree views of Cape Town's stunning peninsula. It's a popular hike in the city. The trails can be busy during peak hiking hours – but on the bright side, it's also dog friendly. So you may be hiking along with a man's best friend or two!. 

Devil's Peak 

The name was bestowed for a reason. Devil's Peak is a hike for the expert adventurer and fitness enthusiast. A (roughly) 4 hour, 5.4-mile hike along the western cape is a strenuous hike with stunning views at the top and scenic wildflowers along the trail. 

Green Point 

Once you've summited a mountain (or two), it may be time to stay at sea level and take advantage of the many parks in Cape Town. In particular, Green Point park! Located right outside V&A Waterfront, Green Point Park has several outdoor activities fit for any fitness enthusiast. From a green fitness gym to playing fields (perfect for a pickup game), and even a golf course in the middle of the city. 

Private Surf Lesson in the Atlantic 

How often are you in one of the surfing capitals in the world? In Cape Town, there are a variety of safe and masterful surf schools to either teach you the basics or elevate your existing skill. 

Hit the gym

Hit the gym

Hit the gym

Like most cosmopolitan cities, Cape Town has incredible gyms that focus on providing quality equipment and amenities in the city's popular neighborhoods. Out of the countless amount of options, two we recommend are:

Virgin Active Gym 

Spending a month in the city? Virgin Active Gym is an excellent resource with high-end equipment located throughout the city. The Virgin Active Silo location is right near V&A Waterfront - the perfect spot to enjoy a 45-minute workout before your first meeting. 

Zone Fitness

If you're looking to join a gym in Cape Town and trying to budget for the month, we recommend Zone Fitness. Built with all the essential equipment, Zone Fitness has a location in the City Centre of Cape Town and can easily fit into any commute or workday.   

workout class

workout class

Try a new workout class

Have fun and work out all at the same time. Cape Town has some of the most immersive and hands-on fitness studios to help get your body moving. You may even notice a studio or two you have back home!


Opened by a member of the Remote Year community, SPINHaus teleports the lively hustle of a New York City spin studio and brings it straight to the heart of Cape Town. Whether you're taking a themed class dedicated to your favorite singer or looking to elevate your spin with a cardio cycle class, SPINHouse is for you. 

Hot Dog Yoga 

If the name doesn't entice you, the calming ambiance sure will. This studio is one of the top-rated – and for good reasons. Located in the heart of Seapoint, Hot Dog Yoga covers a variety of classes, including hot yoga, vinyasa, yin, and even try your very first class with beginners yoga. 


If you're from the United States, you may be familiar with the F45 fitness studio. If you're a fan and traveling abroad – there's no need to change up your fitness routine. Located in the Woodstock neighborhood, F45 concentrates on HIIT training in a team atmosphere, where every class lasts 45 minutes. Not sure if F45 is for you, there's a free trial period!

Motley Crew Crossfit 

Located in the De Waterkant neighborhood, outside of V&A Waterfront, Motley Crew ties in together everything we love about CrossFit: community atmosphere, open gyms, and strength building classes. New to CrossFit? Not to worry, they have a welcoming environment!

Sweat 1000 

With locations in the United States and South Africa, Sweat 1000 Cape Town takes strength training to a whole new level. We mean new, swap fluorescent lights with neon strobes. Standing for Specialized Weight Endurance Athletic Training – their promise is you're bound to burn 1000 calories with each 1-hour class!

 well-being and wellness

well-being and wellness

Focus on your well-being and wellness

An essential element to staying (and keeping) active is focusing on your overall wellness and taking care of your body. If you're looking to eat healthy, unwind, or reinvigorate, Cape Town has some wonderful options for you!

Life Day Spa 

Get a massage or try a refreshing facial at Cape Town's Life Day Spa. While a day at the spa may not be one of the first active activities that come to mind, Life Day Spa offers some of the best athletic conditioning massages in the city. Nothing says recovery like complete muscle relief at the spa. 

Wellness Warehouse

Part of staying active is having a healthy diet. The Wellness Warehouse is South Africa's largest health, wellness, and organic food retailer. With a location near V&A Waterfront, as well as the City Centre, you can stop by to pick up a variety of healthy food, needed supplements, and even clean and organic beauty products. 

Whether you break a sweat outdoors or create mindfulness within a relaxing yoga studio, Cape Town is a place of 360-degree wellness. If your goal is to stay active, or spend a 1-month trip in Cape Town, to incorporate fitness and activity into your travel – sign up for Remote Year -- where we balance working remotely, community, and wellness. 

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