Participant in Asia

Ariela Kader, Artist on Remote Year

In our “Speed Networking” series, we’ll continue the work of our RY Nation series on social media and introduce you to a Remote in 30 seconds, using the images that tell their story and quick quotes that give you insight into their incredible lives.

Remotes everywhere are spearheading the remote work movement, with a laptop, coffee and optimism in hand. They make the game-changing decision to pack up their lives and move across the world, continuing to follow their passions as they settle into a new environment each month. We’re the type of people who know how to create a pitch deck, conduct pivotal business research, and bungee jump off of a bridge in the very same day. Want to get to know us? Let us introduce you to Ariela Kader.

Ariela is an artist traveling the world with Remote Year Earhart. So far on Remote Year, she has lived in Split, Budapest, Lisbon, Hanoi, Chiang Mai and Kuala Lumpur. As a part of Ariela’s journey, she has been working on a project that comments on waste and opportunity for environmental change in society.


‍Malaysia through the eyes of Ariela Kader

My project for this year is “Vueltica” which is a hybrid of two Spanish words “Vuelta” which means “turn” or “around” and “tica” which is the nickname they give to a Costa Rican woman (like me 🙋🏼🇨🇷) I work on a series called “Plastic Portraits” where I make a portrait of each city by creating a collage out of the plastic bags that I accumulate in the month of living there.


‍Ariela takes on Thailand

I believe that we are what we consume but we are more so what we throw away. For my latest series (“If Ariela were a Trash Bag”) I replaced myself for a filled trash bag in the places I spent the most time in each apartment I've Iived in, for the past six months.

Kuala Lumpur

‍Ariela gets a new perspective on Kuala Lumpur

It’s a year-long journey but it is definitely not the only time that I will get to travel, some places might have to wait. Sometimes, when you want to be everywhere you end up being nowhere. Live and enjoy each moment, take advantage of the fact that you are living in one city for an entire month, meet locals, and at the same time, become a local.

Follow along with Ariela on her Remote Year journey through her InstagramYouTube channel or her website.