10 Best Places to Work Remotely by Remote Year’s Experts

29. Nov. 2022

Best Places to Work Remotely

The best places to work remotely in the world are about the people and their culture as much as the natural beauty. Once you hit the road for the first time, your longing to explore other parts of the world while experiencing new cultures grows even stronger. 

Our expert-chosen top picks for the best places to work remotely: captivating destinations that seamlessly merge cultural richness with breathtaking landscapes. Discover the best selections for the best digital nomad cities, making each location a great place to work remotely.

10 Best Places to Work Remotely

1. Cape Town, South Africa  

Cape Town, South Africa, offers a perfect winter escape with its Mediterranean climate. While the northern hemisphere experiences cold weather, Cape Town boasts warm and ideal conditions, inviting exploration of its dramatic scenery, white sandy beaches, and epic hiking trails.

Positioning itself as one of the best cities to work remotely in Africa, Cape Town provides a vibrant remote work environment and rich tapestry of diverse cultures. Trendy coffee shops, cafes, and a growing number of coworking spaces, such as Workshop17 Watershed, offer diverse work settings, including hot desks, standing desks, and dedicated seats. Other noteworthy workspaces include Cube, AfricaWorks, Cape Town Office, and Inner City Coworking.

Why should you consider Cape Town, South Africa?

  • Rich cultural diversity

  • White sandy beaches

  • Growing number of coworking spaces

  • Warm weather

  • Great winter sun getaway

  • Trendy coffee shops and cafes around every corner

  • Epic hiking trails

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

2. Medellin, Colombia

Medellin, the cultural gem of Colombia, is aptly known as the “City of Eternal Spring” for its year-round spring-like weather. Renowned for vibrant nightlife, innovative urban spaces, and a welcoming community, Medellin offers an enticing culinary scene.

With a low cost of living, Medellin stands out as one of the best places for remote work in South America, fostering a growing community of digital nomads and expats. On top of that, the city has a growing buzz of digital nomads and expats which means a bigger community and support. Beyond work, explore Medellin's natural beauty, dynamic art scene, and lively nightlife. 

Why should you consider Medellin, Colombia?

  • Year-round spring-like weather

  • Low cost of living

  • Warm and welcoming locals

  • Vibrant nightlife

  • Amazing culinary scene

  • A growing digital nomad community

Medellin, Colombia

Medellin, Colombia

3. Mexico City, Mexico 

Mexico City is a thriving urban feast with a rich cultural heritage, excellent museums, and colonial architecture that satisfies remote workers. Popular for years with backpackers and expats, especially due to its easy accessibility from the US, the city offers diverse career opportunities beyond enjoying street tacos and lively nights.

As a great location for remote working, Mexico City boasts a welcoming local community, stunning scenery, and delicious food. Despite being one of the country's pricier cities, it allows for a good quality of life on a limited budget compared to most US and European cities.

Digital nomads in Mexico City are offered numerous coworking spaces. Co-Madre, known for its beautiful and creative design, attracts various remote workers. U-Co, with well-lit and spacious work areas, is another excellent option, while Dosis, with its modern and rustic design, is perfect for those who prefer cafes.

After work, explore trendy neighborhoods, world-famous landmarks, or consider day trips like the unique experience of Hot Air Balloons over Teotihuacan Pyramids.

Why should you consider Mexico City, Mexico?

  • Thriving art scene

  • Delicious food

  • Rich cultural heritage

  • Plenty of coworking spaces

  • World-famous landmarks

  • Museums

  • Welcoming locals

CDMX, Mexico

CDMX, Mexico

4. Lima, Peru 

Lima, the capital of Peru, may not be a digital nomad hub like Mexico City or Medellin, but it's among the best cities for remote workers seeking a unique experience. With magnificent historical sites, colonial-style architecture, world-class food, and beautiful beaches, Lima captivates visitors.

Remote workers in Lima often prefer staying in coastal districts like Miraflores, Barranco, and San Isidro. Miraflores, the most developed, is highly rated for safety and offers numerous hotels and hostels. Lima boasts a variety of communal coworking spaces, trendy cafes and restaurants.

Despite being a big city by the ocean, Lima offers outdoor activities like paragliding, bike tours, and indulging in delicious street food. Surfing is a standout experience, with warm water, hilarious instructors, and the chance to enjoy a breathtaking sunset.

Why should you consider Lima, Peru?

  • Magnificent historical sites

  • World-class food

  • Awe-inspiring colonial-style architecture

  • Many outdoor activities

  • Gorgeous beaches

  • Large number of communal coworking spaces

5. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, renowned as one of the world's coolest tourist destinations with its "sun and beach" climate, has also emerged as a paradise for remote workers and digital nomads, adding a touch of spice to its allure.

With an irresistible 300 days of sunshine along the Atlantic beaches, Lisbon beckons with a perfect work-play balance. After work, indulge in a myriad of day trips and weekend adventures, soaking in the city's charming ambiance.

Lisbon's appeal extends to its plentiful coworking spaces, and LACS Coworking stands out as our favorite spot, seamlessly blending work, leisure, and culture. The global brand Impact Hub has also left its mark on Lisbon, fostering a diverse community of remote workers across various industries, ensuring a vibrant and collaborative environment. Embrace the warmth of Lisbon's weather and the thriving community as you navigate through your remote work journey, and become a digital nomad in Portugal.

Why should you consider Lisbon, Portugal?

  • "Sun and beach" climate

  • Plenty of coworking spaces

  • Great location to start out as a digital nomads

  • Haven for remote workers and digital nomads

  • Active social media groups that have weekly meetups where freelancers socialize and network

  • One of the coolest tourist destinations in the world

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

6. Valencia, Spain 

Consider Valencia for a budget-friendly taste of Spain's vibrant culture in a sun-soaked Mediterranean setting. Renowned for its beaches, local cuisine, grand architecture, and old-town charm, Valencia is one of the most livable cities for remote work in Spain.

With a thriving expat community, Valencia provides ample opportunities for socializing. The city's commitment to remote work is evident in its numerous coworking spaces. Wayco in Ruzafa and Cuitat Vella caters to the creative crowd, while Llum offers a calm and productive environment in the heart of the city. Botanico Coworking emphasizes openness and natural light, fostering collaboration among remote workers.

For digital nomads in Spain you may find yourself working in cafes, libraries, and beautiful public parks is common, allowing you to enjoy fresh air while working. For adventure seekers, you can join street art lessons, yoga sessions, and sunset boat tours or bike to the beach or endless green parks. Join the ranks of those captivated by Valencia's allure, where work and play seamlessly blend against a backdrop of cultural richness.

Why should you consider Valencia, Spain?

  • An exciting sun-soaked location

  • Grand architecture

  • Thriving expat community

  • Many coworking spaces

  • Great local food

  • Beautiful public parks

  • Sprawling beach in walking or biking distance

7. Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi captivates with its enchanting natural beauty, French architecture, ancient temples, and vibrant markets. This Vietnamese gem seamlessly blends its rich history, preserved in unique museums and colonial buildings, with a modern flair, making it a top choice for work-from-anywhere travelers.

Beyond its allure, Hanoi attracts remote workers with an affordable and high-quality lifestyle with great deals on accommodation, food, and transportation. Working remotely here means enjoying the warmth of locals and a tight-knit expat community.

Our preferred workspace is at Somerset Grand Hanoi, but other expat-friendly coworking spaces like Toong, HanoiHub, and Moonwork abound. Numerous coffee shops with strong Wi-Fi provide ideal spots to start your day's tasks while savoring award-winning smoothies or coconut coffee.

Outside work hours, dive into Hanoi's charm through street food walking tours, blind massages, Hanoi photography tours, and the thrill of vroom vroom backstreet tours. Immerse yourself in the diverse experiences of Hanoi, where history and modernity coexist in a bustling cityscape.

Why should you consider Hanoi, Vietnam?

  • Good and affordable quality of life

  • Colorful markets

  • Mouth-watering food

  • Unique museums

  • Enchanting natural surroundings

  • Great expat-friendly coworking spaces

  • Amazing ancient temples

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam

8. Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you're craving the bold and edgy vibes of Southeast Asia, make a beeline for Chiang Mai. This northern Thai city bursts to life with beautiful historical temples, a striking mountainous landscape, and a culture that refuses to be ignored.

Dubbed the Rose of the North, Chiang Mai has evolved into the mecca for remote workers, flaunting a low cost of living and an enviable slow pace of life. The internet here is not just fast; it's your loyal sidekick for all things digital nomad. Take your pick from an array of working spaces, with Yellow Coworking being the go-to choice for the Remote Year community. Boasting a whopping 16,000 square feet of coworking awesomeness, snagging a comfy spot at the table or lounge area is a breeze. For those with an eco-conscious edge, The Hub offers a relaxing and inspiring coworking space with a focus on sustainability.

But let's not forget the real kicker—Chiang Mai is not just about work. It's a playground of fun with exciting day trips, including an unforgettable elephant experience where you get up close and personal with these gentle giants. Chiang Mai is the perfect oasis  to blend work and adventure in the heart of Thailand.

Why should you consider Chiang Mai, Thailand?

  • Vibrant culture

  • Beautiful historical temples

  • Fast and reliable internet

  • Low cost of living

  • Lots of working spaces

  • Full of fun things to do

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand

9. Bali, Indonesia 

Bali is where nature's beauty reigns supreme, luring individuals away from the monotony of office life. Picture yourself working remotely from Bali, with glorious sleepy volcanoes surrounded by lush greenery, enchanting waterfalls, expansive sandy beaches, and captivating terraced rice fields—all painting the canvas of this magical paradise.

But it's not just about the landscapes; the Balinese people themselves add to the allure with their beauty and extraordinary friendliness, propelling Bali to the top of the charts for remote work destinations. Surprisingly, this tropical haven also boasts a low cost of living, allowing you to revel in a high-quality life without breaking the bank.

Bali doesn't just rely on its natural charm; it boasts a robust infrastructure, complemented by some of the best coworking spaces in the country. You can also enjoy Balinese dance lessons, soul-cleansing sessions at the Secret Waterfall, and exhilarating snorkeling in Nusa Penida. It's not just remote work; it's an adventure in Bali's bold embrace.

Why should you consider Bali, Indonesia?

  • Long sandy beaches

  • People are beautiful and super friendly

  • Glorious sleepy volcanes with lush greenery

  • Low cost of living

  • Gorgeous waterfalls

  • Tropical vibes and weather

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

10. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, a city characterized by its wide boulevards, rich European heritage, and upscale culinary scenes, needs no elaborate introduction.

For remote workers, Buenos Aires stands out for various compelling reasons. One major advantage, especially for American workers, is the favorable time zone (UTC-03:00), aligning working hours closely with those of employers in the US.

The city boasts a thriving expat community, a year-round tropical climate, and a well-established digital infrastructure. Known as the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires leads in providing numerous coworking spaces, featuring sleek and modern designs with amenities catering to remote professionals.

Once you close that laptop, Buenos Aires unveils a tapestry of local experiences. Delight your taste buds with empanadas, tour the iconic Casa Rosada (the president's pink house), or join a side trip for the weekend.

Why should you consider Buenos Aires, Argentina?

  • Large expat community

  • Many coworking spaces

  • Year-round tropical climate

  • High-end culinary hotspots

  • Well-established digital infrastructure

  • Rich European heritage

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Embarking on a journey to work and travel from dream destinations is an exhilarating prospect, but the daunting task of handling travel and accommodation arrangements can dampen the excitement and take away from the cultural immersion or work productivity. That's where Remote Year steps in – bring your work, and we'll take care of the rest, from accommodation and coworking spaces to a like-minded community and curated experiences. 

Joining Remote Year means becoming part of a community of passionate professional workers who share your enthusiasm for both travel and earning. Our work and travel program features dedicated city teams in every country we visit, composed of local guides well-versed in the intricacies of each city, ready to offer recommendations on anything you might need.

Experience the best places to work remotely and explore the best digital nomad cities with the convenience and support of Remote Year, where your dream destination awaits without the hassle.


What city has the most remote workers?

Route Fifty ranks Washington, D.C, as the city with the most remote workers, followed by San Francisco and Austin, Texas. 

Do you get taxed twice if you work in another country?

It depends. You will likely have to pay taxes in your home country. But that’s until you become a resident for tax purposes in the country you’re currently working from. Some states agree among themselves on which state has the right to levy taxes in case of cross-border earnings. So, you might want to check the rules of the country you're traveling to beforehand.

How long can I work remotely from another country?

Most countries allow remote workers to travel and work within their borders for 90-183 days without becoming tax residents. On top of that, some countries are now issuing digital nomad visas that allow remote workers to stay for up to 12 months. 

Do I need a visa if I work remotely?

In most cases, it’s illegal to work while traveling on a tourist visa. It’s wise to seek legal advice, particularly where the rules are unclear, to avoid legal action. 

Does location matter for remote jobs?

Yes. The major reason why most remote positions have location requirements is tax ramifications. Some businesses employ locally to avoid extra paperwork and additional taxes in the state where the employee is based. Other companies prefer having their remote employees and on-site workers within the same time zones.