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12. Nov. 2021

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The allure of remote work is well-documented: more and more professionals are in search of an opportunity to continue excelling in their careers while partaking in today’s push towards freedom and flexibility. 

If you’re looking for a chance to expand your skills without succumbing to the traditional 9-5 in a conventional office environment,  you’re not alone. Some remote workers reside in their own cities, bouncing from coworking space to coffee shops as they please, and then there is that ever-expanding group of remote workers that is traveling the world, laptops in hand.

In this  case, working remotely is not only a perk, but a necessity. To become a location independent worker, or to join a work and travel program, you need to have a remote job.

So it’s settled. You know that you want to work remotely, but where should you start?

Remote Year’s CEO, Tue Le, recommends that you try to transition your current role into remote work, or ask your network for opportunities when you are looking for a remote career. However, if you’re unable to secure a job through those methods, your next best bet is to look into remote job boards.

3 Tips for Using Remote Job Boards

Remote job boards are websites that curate open professional positions that can be done remotely. They typically break down openings by roles, and then by whether the company requires you to be in a certain country, or whether you are free to roam the world. With hundreds of new positions listed every day, it can be easy to think that there are more than enough remote careers to go around. 

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Remote jobs are highly sought-after, with job seekers looking for remote positions more than ever before. According to a 2017 study from Indeed Hiring Lab, job seekers’ search terms like “remote”, “telecommute”, and “work from home” were up 32% from the previous year. 

To help you lock down that coveted remote job, we’ve put together three best practices for using remote job boards:

1 - Get super specific

Technology has allowed many industries to get in on the remote work action, so scrolling through every job listed on a remote job board is a simple way to waste your time. 

Narrow down the industry that you’re interested in, the job level (entry-level, mid-level, senior, etc.), and, if possible, search for an exact job title that reflects your skillset and desired role. Do some research on LinkedIn to see what job titles your peers have listed. Use these variations as a starting point when searching job boards for your dream remote career.

2 - Stand out, or miss out

As mentioned, the remote job space is extremely competitive. Each position that you apply for will also attract a multitude of experienced candidates. Look for ways to make your resumé, cover letter, and any other required information stand out from the crowd. Draw on your unique identifiers and skills, particularly the ones that would make you a good remote employee, when you’re crafting your application. This is your chance to get your foot in the door of remote work, and you don’t want to miss your shot.

3 - Have an employer-first mindset

As much as you are set on finding a remote job, it isn’t wise to mention that you’re applying for a position simply because it is remote. Although some employers are committed to providing their employees with flexibility, it shouldn’t be the aspect of the job that you lead with when asked, “What made you apply for this position?” Instead, think of the ways that your skillset could help this partially-remote or fully-distributed company accomplish its goals. Your interviewer wants to know why you would be a great fit for their organization, not the other way around.

Best Remote Job Board Websites

Now that you know the best way to go about your job search, here are the best remote job board websites:

Remote Year Job Board

As the pioneer in the remote work movement, Remote Year knows a thing or two about how to succeed professionally while traveling and working from anywhere. Their new remote job board site has set a high standard in handpicking remote jobs that are more open, transparent, and are actually remote jobs - something that other job boards claim, but don’t actually deliver.

For those looking for remote jobs, the Remote Year Job Board opens doors to genuine opportunities that seamlessly blend remote work with the freedom to explore the world. Imagine browsing and applying for positions that empower you to embrace a nomadic lifestyle without compromising on career growth. Search for your next opportunity here.

For those looking for remote talent, the Remote Year Job Board simplifies recruitment by connecting you with a diverse pool of top-tier talent from around the globe. Say goodbye to conventional hiring and embrace a new era of recruitment where every hire brings a unique perspective, enriching your team in ways you never imagined. And for now, Remote Year is offering recruiters and HR professionals free job postings. Click here and start hiring!


WeWorkRemotely is known as the go-to resource for many location independent workers. As the largest community of both remote workers and employers, WeWorkRemotely lists thousands of new job opportunities every day in industries across the spectrum, and you can access them for free. 


Flexjobs was created with the job seeker in mind. They knew from the start that finding a great, long-term remote job was more difficult than the average job hunt, so they decided to do the work for you. In addition to a bevy of companies that post their open positions directly to the Flexjobs site, Flexjobs has a team of experts that scour hundreds of remote job resources every day to find the perfect jobs that you won’t find anywhere else. They have a library of their own resources to share with you including job search checklists, skill tests, and video introductions that will help you find the job you’re looking for. However, VIP service and expert advice comes at a price: it costs $14.99 per month to be a Flexjobs member.

Working Nomads

If you consider yourself a digital nomad (or you want to!), Working Nomads could be the best remote job board for you. They curate jobs that are specifically targeted to people who want to work while traveling. These are the positions that you’re searching for if you’re over a traditional 9-5 lifestyle, and want to experience what it’s like to live your life, on your terms, in cities around the world. 


Jobspresso doesn’t scrape other job sites in order to find their listings. Each listing is hand-picked, reviewed, and curated by the Jobspresso team. The positions they feature come from nearly every industry, from software development, to creative fields, to more surprising areas of expertise like HR and project management. With a visually appealing and user-friendly site at their disposal, Jobspresso is quickly growing into a remote job seeker favorite. In fact, it’s where the writer of this piece found her current job! is not only hoping that you’ll be able to find a remote job through their site, they’re banking on employers being able to find top candidates as well. Their founder is an advocate for a flexible lifestyle and has given talks around the country in support of companies that embrace remote work. Because of her connection to this issue, is able to source open positions from companies that may just be entering the flexible work community. 

Remote Work Hub

Remote Work Hub is focused on helping you, the aspiring remote worker, make your dream come true. They only list positions that they know will be long-term or permanent, so  you won’t spend time applying for something that will only last for a few months. However, to view the jobs available on their website, you must become a Remote Work Hub member.

Remote Work Hub’s membership service costs $9 per month, and gets you daily job opening notifications, access to a private community of remote workers, online course admission, free resume evaluation, and deals on career coaching, coworking spaces, and resources that will help you find a remote job and secure an offer.

Our top pick:

Remote Year Job Board

While this is the newest job board on the block, their adherence to handpicked remote job listings solves the biggest headaches we hear from remote job seekers about existing job boards - that they aren’t truly remote jobs. With their mission to drive more transparency in remote roles and increase access to more remote opportunities for their 1 million community members and followers, Remote Year is well on its way to establishing itself as the go-to job board for remote workers and digital nomads.

You don’t have to wait to pursue a life lived to its fullest. Starting your remote job search now is a great way to get to know the market, familiarize yourself with the companies that are consistently posting remote careers, and put yourself in the best position to attain freedom and flexibility. Use the tips we’ve provided to find the role that you’re looking for on a remote job board website and make it yours.

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