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Brazil Visa for American Citizens | Explained by Remote Year

22. Jan. 2024

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Key Takeaways

  • New Visa Requirement: U.S. citizens need a visa for Brazil starting from April 10, 2024.

  • Easy Application: Apply for your Brazilian visa well in advance on the official government site for a smooth approval process.

  • Seamless Work and Travel: Remote Year in Florianopolis offers hassle-free travel programs for remote professionals and digital nomads worldwide.

As of April 10, 2024, U.S. citizens planning to travel to Brazil will face a significant change in entry requirements, they will be asked for a visa for brazil. While there are currently no COVID-related entry restrictions for U.S. citizens, new Brazil entry visa will be implemented for all travel purposes. This article provides essential information on the upcoming Brazil visa requirements, the Brazil visa application process, and additional considerations for U.S. citizens traveling to Brazil in 2024.

Visa Requirement:

Starting from midnight on April 10, 2024, a Brazil visa for American citizens will be mandatory for U.S. citizens traveling to Brazil, regardless of the purpose of their visit. Now, there will be new entry and exit requirements for travel to Brazil. To obtain the necessary visa, U.S. citizens can visit Brazil visa application online website, authorized by the Brazilian government.

Required Documentation:

To apply for Brazil visa, U.S. citizens will need the following:

  • A valid U.S. passport: signed, valid up to the end of the travel to Brazil, 2 visa pages free

  • A valid Brazilian visa or e-visa form completed, which is applicable beginning April 10, 2024, for tourists and is currently required for all other types of travel

  • Passport-style photo (2” x 2”, white background)

  • E-visa fee payment (US$ 80.90)

Apply for Brazil Visa:

The application for the Brazilian visa or e-visa can be completed on the official government-authorized website: https://brazil.vfsevisa.com. It is crucial for travelers to initiate this process well in advance of their planned travel date to ensure a smooth and timely approval.

Steps to Apply for a Brazil Visa

  1. Ensure you have all necessary documents ready.

  2. Complete the online Brazil visa application form.

  3. Visit the official Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. Choose the visa option, initiate a new application for Brazil visa, and proceed.

  4. Fill out the Brazil visa application form online and click ‘Complete Application’ upon finishing. Receive an application number, and remember to print and sign the receipt.

  5. Attach your photo to the designated area on the printed receipt using glue; avoid stapling the photo.

  6. Schedule an appointment for a Brazilian visa.

  7. Access the official e-consular website, pick the country where you plan to submit your application, and log in using your email and password. Note that some consulates or embassies may not offer online appointment booking; check their details and contact them if needed.

  8. Submit your Brazil visa application.

  9. Deliver the printed and signed receipt along with supporting documents to the Brazilian consulate or embassy.

  10. Pay the visa application fee. After payment and document verification, applicants will receive a confirmation of delivery and be notified when they can collect their visa.

Brazil Visa Processing Time

The shortest processing time for Brazil visa applications is within 5 business days. However, there are some cases when the processing time for Brazil visa applications takes longer than usual.

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These new visa requirements signify a change in the entry regulations for U.S. citizens traveling to Brazil. It is crucial for travelers to be aware of and adhere to these changes to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, travelers should regularly check the official Brazilian government website and consult with the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate.