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Future of Work Summit 2018: The Who, The What, The Where and The Why

12. Nov. 2021

FOW 18

We hold a fundamental belief that people are the fuel behind any business.

They’re the innovators and doers, the passion and energy behind every initiative. As people change and generations begin to think differently about work and life, organizations must evolve their thinking alongside them. Staying on top of workplace trends helps organizations successfully align with, attract and retain top talent.

That’s what we believe the future of work is all about - helping organizations of any size understand how work is moving ‘beyond the box’ and how a growing group of knowledge workers is focused on a better global future, constant learning, and a holistic quality of life defined by greater flexibility and a strong appetite for working around the world. At this year’s Future of Work Summit, we’re uniting a community of people who hold those same beliefs.

What is the Future of Work Summit?

The Future of Work Summit is a gathering of policymakers, HR professionals, technologists, marketers, strategists and founders from multiple Fortune 500 companies, startups, agencies and non-profit organizations who are interested in attracting and retaining top talent to better understand how the workplace and workforce are changing.

Our Future of Work Summit focuses on the necessity of developing a globally aware workforce. In a world where mutual understanding is more important than ever, successful leaders need to collaborate across organizational and cultural boundaries and build consensus and commitment among groups with different viewpoints and values.

To put it plainly, understanding the world and being empathetic to different perspectives is a fundamental element of leadership.

Who will be speaking at the Future of Work Summit?

This year’s Future of Work Summit will host incredible speakers from a multitude of industries and organizations including Airbnb, KellyOCG, IBM, Fiverr, Shopify, WayUp, Steelhouse, Johnson & Johnson, Intuit, WeWork, Vayner Media, Amtrak and more.

Keynote topics will include: “The 4th Industrial Revolution”, “The New Work Order”, “Mastering the Millennial Mindset” and “Innovating Diversity and Inclusiveness”.

Other major themes of discussion will encompass the growing focus on and importance of: 

  • work becoming more flexible,

  • individuals - their talents and what they need to be fulfilled within their careers and their lives,

  • sense of belonging and its centrality to creating long-term relationships with valued employees,

  • more diverse, compelling and rewarding work environments

To see the full schedule of speakers, visit our website.

How do I attend the Future of Work Summit?

The Future of Work Summit will be held April 23-24, 2018 in Brooklyn, New York.

If you’re interested in attending the Future of Work Summit, you can get your ticket online here. Tickets include not only access to every speaker session and networking opportunities but also breakfast, lunch and dinner on Monday, April 23rd and breakfast, lunch and a parting beverage on Tuesday,  April 24th.

No blah conference food or terrible fluorescent lights here - we will be fueling up on delicious breakfast tacos and burger sliders as we lounge on comfy booths inside or on the picnic tables on the heated patio.

We look forward to seeing you in Brooklyn!