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23. Jan. 2023

How To Find a Digital Nomad Community

Key Takeaways

  • A digital nomad community is an invaluable source to access specialized knowledge and networking opportunities.

  • You can join online and offline digital communities to meet like-minded individuals and benefit from their perspectives and experiences.

  • Coworking spaces, social media, events and conferences, online communities and forums are great ways to connect with other digital nomads.

  • You can make professional connections when you meet other digital nomads from all over the world and find job opportunities as well.

There has been an exponential increase in the number of remote workers all over the world across nearly all industries and fields. If you’re one of them, you probably wish to find like-minded individuals in the digital nomad community.

This community can be a great way to make connections, find support, and learn from others who are pursuing a similar lifestyle. Whether you are just starting out as a digital nomad or you are an experienced worker looking to expand your network, there are many benefits to finding community.

This article explores some ways to connect with other digital nomads.

What Is a Digital Nomad Community?

A digital nomad community consists of individuals connected by a shared interest in the digital nomad lifestyle. This entails working remotely from any city in the world and offers the option for adventurous individuals to indulge in workations or vacations that combine work and travel.

You can find groups of people to connect with on various platforms, often in digital spaces like online forums and social media groups. Coworking spaces and in-person meetups, events, and conferences are also popular grounds for building digital nomad communities.

These groups are great resources for digital nomads to build personal networks, make professional connections, gain essential knowledge, and explore new opportunities. They provide a sense of belonging and a great support system for those who don’t have traditional coworkers to interact with daily.

But Wait, What Is It Like Being a Digital Nomad?

The life of a digital nomad can be very exciting and rewarding, making it an appealing lifestyle for about 35 million people worldwide. 

Digital nomads tend to be freelancers, entrepreneurs, or workers with fully remote jobs, so they enjoy a ton of freedom regardless of their profession or workload. This privilege can easily turn into a disadvantage—it is your responsibility to maintain productivity and manage your time well. This can be difficult to balance, but it is undoubtedly worth the effort and the discipline.

With flexible work arrangements, digital nomads are free to travel wherever they want. They can explore various cities and countries worldwide and live in hotels, hostels, co-living spaces, or rentals for a few weeks or months before moving on to a new destination. The excitement of moving around and experiencing new cultures and environments is part of the thrill.

A digital nomad lifestyle lacks a set structure or routine and gives you complete freedom to work from wherever you please. As far as work culture and coworkers go, it depends on whether you’re traveling to a city or a remote town. In cities, you may meet many other members of the digital nomad community at local coworking spaces. If you’re in a more remote area, it may be more challenging to find a community.

If this kind of freedom and flexibility sounds tempting, and living free from a structured desk job is something you want to explore, you can figure out how to become a digital nomad and start living your best life!

So, How Do I Find Digital Nomad Communities?

You can make the most of this unique lifestyle when you join digital nomad communities. Finding a community can open doors you may otherwise not even know about, provide a sense of support and companionship, and help you feel a part of something on the days you feel a bit lonely. 

You can start with the Remote Year community! Here at Remote Year, you can connect and meet up with other nomads online and offline. You can also travel with other nomads for several months at a time and enjoy going on adventures together. You can also reunite with your fellow nomads at the festivals twice a year!

Other than that, here are some suggestions to help you find your people:

  • Online forums and communities: A simple Google search will lead you to all kinds of online forums dedicated to digital nomads. These are platforms where members connect and share advice, tips, and opportunities and organize meetups. Some popular online communities include Remote Year, Nomad Forum, Digital Nomad Forum, Digital Nomad Academy and Nomad Cruise, which offer member forums, webinars, and other resources to connect with other nomads and businesses looking for remote workers.

  • Social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Reddit have a lot of groups and pages dedicated to digital nomads, which can be a great way to get started.

  • Coworking spaces and cafes: Many digital nomads frequent coworking spaces and cafes. Visiting such places a few times a week can help you build rapport with those you encounter there.

  • Nomadic community events and conferences: At events and conferences specifically for digital nomads, such as the Digital Nomad Conference and Nomad Summit, These communities can help you meet like-minded individuals to build connections and learn about important things that you otherwise wouldn’t know.

Why Is It Important To Join a Digital Nomad Community?

Being a part of a digital nomad community can be an amazing experience for all kinds of reasons. Most importantly, they provide a sense of belonging and connection which can be a game-changer if you spend most of your days working alone. Being part of a community can help you feel less isolated as you navigate the lifestyle. Knowing that you have a support system can help you through any rough days.

These nomad groups are also excellent sources of information and guidance. More experienced remote workers share insights and advice on finding work, managing finances, and living in different cities. This can help you avoid some of the downsides of the lifestyle, such as working for exploitative organizations, getting lost in an unfamiliar city, and other sticky situations that may arise when you’re learning the ropes.

Overall, digital nomad communities are an essential resource if you are pursuing the lifestyle, as they can help you feel connected, supported, and successful as you work and travel.

Benefits of Joining Digital Nomad Communities

Joining a community is extremely important if you want to thrive as a digital nomad. Here are a few ways you can benefit:

  • Networking and collaboration opportunities: You can meet successful entrepreneurs and find amazing opportunities for online work. A community makes it easier to find new projects to be passionate about.

  • Support system: Working remotely can feel lonely sometimes. Experienced community members can provide inspiration, counsel, and encouragement to help each other find joy and success in their fields. You may even find company on your travels, which can help you build a social circle no matter where you are. The company of a travel buddy can completely transform your experience.

  • Exchange of information, resources, and knowledge: By joining digital nomad communities, you can access information, tools, advice, and resources to help take your career to another level. Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to find fresh job opportunities or relevant information about your niche, and that's why If you need help in any area of your digital nomad life, a community is an amazing support system.

  • Opportunities for personal and professional development: These communities organize social events, meetups, activities, group dinners, and fun excursions, which can be a very enriching experience. You can relax and have fun as you network. These events can also be very informative - introducing you to new ideas and fun hacks to thrive in the digital nomad lifestyle. 

  • Access to specialized services:  If a community is well established, it can provide resources to make your experience in new destinations more enjoyable and interesting. A community like Remote Year will organize accommodation, coworking spaces, and community experiences for you. This takes the load of planning off your shoulders, so you can thoroughly enjoy your stay and soak in the local sights without any stress.

5 Best Online Communities You Can Join

If you’re looking for a community of digital nomads online, you may not know where to begin. We’re here to help you read on for a list of the five best online communities that you can join to make the best of your digital nomad lifestyle:

Remote Year

Remote Year is popular for its community-building events and services, but it is also a really great online hub for thousands of digital nomads. With us at Remote Year, you can connect with people from different backgrounds. If you’re a solo traveler, you can meet other like-minded individuals and find travel buddies for your next trip, all within the online community!

Signing up for a Remote Year program is also a great way to ensure that your accommodation, coworking spaces, and other aspects of your trip are taken care of long before you even step foot in your destination.

Nomad List

The Nomad List connects digital nomads through forums and online messaging features. It also provides resources and tools to help digital nomads find places to work and live. 

You can use the site’s directory to find cities and countries that are popular amongst digital nomads. You will find information about internet speeds and cost of living, amongst other factors you should consider before traveling to a particular location to work remotely. 

Digital Nomad Forum

Digital Nomad Forum is an online platform on which individuals can connect and participate in discussions about remote work and travel. There are subforums centered on working remotely, travel destinations, and the nomad lifestyle. Discussions within each can be a great source of information.

You can read other people’s experiences and ask questions. You can also share your own insights and advice.

Nomad Soulmates

Dating as a digital nomad can be challenging, which is what makes Nomad Soulmates such a cherished community. It is a dating site where digital nomads can form romantic connections. 

On this platform, you can search for and view profiles by filtering them based on location, interests, and other factors. There is also a messaging platform and community forum for group discussions—you can easily get in touch with other members and build your circle.

Remote Work Hub

Remote Work Hub provides resources, job listings, and networking opportunities for remote workers and digital nomads. It also has a directory of remote-friendly companies and a job board that you can use to look for work. You can easily understand how to build a career and flourish as a digital nomad.

Additionally, you can browse through the site’s forums to connect with other members. There is also a messaging feature.

5 Best Offline Communities You Can Join

Finding offline digital communities is a great way to find companies and form connections. Meeting in person is a great way to establish a source of support, information, opportunities, social interactions, and an overall enriching experience. 

Here are some offline communities that you may wish to look into:

Remote Year

Remote Year brings together groups of digital nomads by arranging shared workspaces, accommodations and local experiences in various cities across the globe.

Members who sign up for our program can enjoy many important services, such as pick-up and drop services from the airport, exciting local expeditions, and more. We offer various short and long-term programs to match your needs. The one-month trips are especially exciting and quite popular - you can immerse yourself in your city of choice and participate in community experiences to make it feel like home.

Nomad House

Nomad House is a global community for digital nomads that provides coworking spaces, shared accommodation, and community events. Members gain access to a network of coworking and co-living spaces all over the world, plus other benefits, such as discounts on accommodations and other services.

Members can connect when they attend events, workshops, and retreats. Everyone has the opportunity to expand their networks and connections within the community.

The Remote Experience

The Remote Experience centers on professional development and provides access to a network of mentors, coaches, and other professionals in addition to a shared workspace and housing. This can be highly beneficial for digital nomads looking for guidance.

Their events and workshops are great for gaining information and understanding the tricks of the trade by interacting with nomad groups in person.

The Digital Nomad Academy

Being a digital nomad involves a bit of a learning curve, and the Digital Nomad Academy helps with educational resources, networking opportunities, and coaching. You can sign up for courses and workshops to build the skills and knowledge crucial for success. 

The academy also hosts in-person events, giving members access to a network of professionals to collaborate with and learn from. 

Nomad Cruise

The Nomad Cruise organizes annual sailing trips for digital nomads to meet in person and experience new cultures in different destinations. You can enjoy shared accommodations, practical workspaces, and various social activities and events. This is a great way to build a strong community to interact and connect with other digital nomads on your adventures.

Final Thoughts

Digital nomad groups can be your much-needed support network as you work remotely and navigate your new lifestyle. They provide access to various resources and enable you to connect and collaborate with other individuals in your niche and across different industries. This can help boost your career and lead to creativity and innovation.

Whether you join an online forum or an offline community, you can truly flourish and thrive in your nomadic lifestyle with the right people in your corner!