Meet our Remote Year Nation Ambassadors

20. Jul. 2022

We have chosen some of the inspiring and brilliant people from our community to represent our RY Nation as our community Ambassadors.

What makes Remote Year so special is our amazing community and we think the best ideas come from within! We have so many brilliant and energetic people in our community but it’s not easy to spotlight each and every one of them. Instead, we have chosen some incredible members who are leaders in their communities and their professional fields, to represent RY Nation as our Ambassadors. 

Some are entrepreneurs who launched their business while traveling the world with us, some are creatives getting inspiration on their travels, or educators who seek to inspire others. Some have even chosen the nomadic lifestyle, to discover the world in the comfort of our community.

You’ll find our Ambassadors being active and approachable members on all our digital platforms. They will be creating some buzz in their communities and on social media to bring more amazing professionals like you to our growing community. They are ready to share their knowledge and skills to bring people together by hosting their own virtual and in-person events, shaped around their expertise and interests. Whether you are already a part of the RY Nation or you are looking forward to joining us, look to our Ambassadors to discover the benefits of being a member of our community. 

So, let’s turn the spotlight on these exceptional bright faces. From a University Business Professor, to a sustainable fashion entrepreneur, to educators driven to create transformative change for young people of color and developing future leaders, meet our inspiring Ambassadors!

Chimdi Ihezie

Chimdi Ihezie

Name: Chimdi Ihezie

Occupation: Content Creator, Creative Coach, Speaker

Geo Location: New York, USA

Expertise / Interests: Entrepreneurship, Wellness, Arts & Culture

Instagram: @chimdi_ihezie

What do you think makes the Remote Year community unique?

the size of the community, the depth of the connections, the diversity of ages and types of work, and the spirit of curiosity and adventure of the people who join.

Theresa L Garritano

Theresa L Garritano

Name: Theresa L Garritano

Occupation: Staff Product Designer, Design Leader

Geo Location: Remote, currently in Rochester, New York. USA

Interests / Expertise: Women, Tech, Photography

Instagram: @theresagarritano

How has the Remote Year community contributed to your career development?

The experiences I've had with Remote Year have certainly informed my creative work. Building empathy is the most important part of product design, and the best way to build empathy is to learn about different types of people from different places and understand what makes us all human.

Lolly Spindler

Lolly Spindler

Name: Lolly Spindler

Occupation: Writer, Editor, Content Marketer

Geo Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Interests / Expertise: Writing, LGBTQ+

Instagram: @travelswithlolly

How has the Remote Year community contributed to your career development?

With all of the work and referrals I’ve gotten from the Remote Year community, I've made in income 4x what I paid for my Remote Year programs.

Krystal Pino

Krystal Pino

Name: Krystal Pino

Occupation: Owner, Nomad Tax

Geo Location: Part-time nomad, currently in Mexico City

Interests / Expertise: Tax, Digital Nomad Communities, Physics / Space

Instagram: @pinomadic

What do you think makes the Remote Year community unique?

Remote Year is an extensive network of like-minded people. The community is welcoming, inclusive, adventurous, open, and encouraging. There are Remotes all over the world that you can link up with at any time, plug-and-play friends as I call them. There's really nothing quite like it.

Peter (Charlie) Huynh

Peter (Charlie) Huynh

Name: Peter (Charlie) Huynh

Occupation: Founder, Wande Industries Inc.

Geo Location: Full-time nomad currently in Darwin, Australia.

Expertise / Interests: Entrepreneurship, Arts, Positive Impact 

Instagram: @charlie__huynh

How has the Remote Year community contributed to your career development?

While I was traveling on my Remote Year program, I launched Wandé Industries, a sustainable fashion brand that combats exploitation and provides global support to those who need it. I hope that Wandé will inspire others to make more conscious decisions in order to create sustainable and real change, especially when traveling.

Daniel Guerrero

Daniel Guerrero

Name: Daniel Guerrero

Occupation:Business+Leadership Professor, Consultant

Geo Location: Texas, United States

Expertise / Interests: Entrepreneurship, Skillsharing, Professional Development

Linkedin: @​​dangue

What are you most excited about doing as a Nation Ambassador?

As an RY Nation Ambassador, I can't wait to connect with my traveling family (#Tramily), hosting events both in person and online. Read more on our incredible community members: