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Remote Year Unveils Revolutionary New Membership Community & Programs for Remote Workers and Digital Nomads

30. Jun. 2023

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New York, NY, July 3, 2023 – Remote Year, the leading community and lifestyle platform for remote professionals and digital nomads, just announced a new-to-the-world membership that makes it easier and more affordable than ever to live, travel, and work from anywhere, anytime as part of a community.

Beginning July 2023, Remote Year will begin offering 1-month programs starting at $549/month and more flexibility to customize each experience based on lifestyle, comfort, and budget. Participants now have the option to select between vetted Remote Year apartments or their own. No matter which option they select, Remote Year will always include access to what they do best - curated local experiences, community and social events, 24/7 workspace, reliable wifi, and a supportive community leader and local team with deep expertise in each location.

Remote Year will continue to offer their iconic 12-month Journey which takes participants to 12 different countries in one year while taking care of all of their logistics, such as apartments, workspaces, curated experiences, local teams, and flights between each destination. They also offer a 4-month Journey for those who want to spend time immersing more deeply in one region. 

Since its inception 8 years ago, Remote Year has always been at the forefront of the remote work & travel movement, revolutionizing the way professionals live, work and travel. To date, the company has served over 5,000 individuals, companies, and organizations and this move is in line with their commitment to enabling more remote workers and digital nomads to explore the world while maintaining their professional commitments.  

Remote Year CEO, Tue Le, said, "We are incredibly excited to introduce our new membership, which marks a significant milestone in our mission to empower more remote workers and digital nomads worldwide to live life on their terms. By combining more flexibility with our unparalleled expertise in remote work and travel, we have created a platform that puts the power of exploration and personalization directly in the hands of our members." 

Key features and benefits of the new membership include: 

  • Global Community: Remote Year prides itself on its incredibly diverse and vibrant community, with 58% people of color, 65% women, 12% LGBTQ+, 64 nationalities, and ages ranging from 21-77. Many come from different professional backgrounds, allowing members opportunities to collaborate and network with one another virtually and in person.

  • Exclusive Events and Workshops: Remote Year curates monthly virtual workshops and events as well as in-person events such as local meetups, 1-week Global Adventures around the world, and iconic Nation Fests for their members to reunite with one another in epic locations. Their events represent a unique combination of learning, networking, local exploration, personal growth, and positive impact. 

  • Access to a Digital RY Nation Hub & Travel Marketplace: All members, affectionately called “The Nation”, have access to a members-only digital community Hub where they can connect and trade tips with one another. They also have access to a Travel Marketplace with incredible local experiences and amenities across 80+ destinations, all curated by locals in every destination.

  • Expert Local Support: Remote Year's team of experienced travel, remote work, and local specialists are available to guide and support members throughout their journey. Whether it's providing recommendations on destinations, troubleshooting issues, the dedicated team makes traveling and working remotely stress-free.

The launch of Remote Year's membership signifies the company's commitment to continuously innovating and evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of the remote working and digital nomad community, estimated to be over 35 million globally. As the “return to office” debate continues, Remote Year is doubling down in its belief that remote work will continue to become more prevalent and in enabling professionals to embrace a lifestyle of freedom, adventure, and meaningful connections. 

“Remote work is irreversible and is here to stay,” says Tue Le. Our goal is to make it as accessible and easy for every remote professional to take the leap into this life-changing experience as possible.”

To learn more about Remote Year and explore the new membership, visit remoteyear.com or follow the community on Instagram.

About Remote Year: 

Remote Year is the pioneer and leading provider of work and travel programs and community for remote professionals, digital nomads, and travelers, offering immersive experiences that combine professional growth, cultural immersion, and exploration. Since 2015, Remote Year has enabled over 5,000 individuals and companies to embark on over 230 life-changing programs spanning 80+ destinations across 6 continents. With an “Excellent” Trustpilot rating, Remote Year brings its expertise in community-building and remote work arrangements to empower professionals and organizations to create their own unique work and travel experience for their lifestyle, whether that’s for 1 month, 4 months, or 12 months at a time. 

For media inquiries, please contact the Media team at hello@remoteyear.com.