Show Us Your #WorkspacesAroundTheWorld

12. Nov. 2021

Remotw work

If you could work anywhere in the world, would you choose the space you’re in right now? Would you stay in a traditional office environment, or seek out something with a bit more flair?

Are you motivated by the outdoors or are you invigorated when you can get comfortable inside?

Work is becoming more and more flexible, and in the future you’ll have the opportunity to make these choices for yourself, dictating when and where you work so that you can feel most inspired and productive. With remote work on your side, you can have your beach day and connect to the WiFi too.

As the pioneers of flexible work, we are setting out on a quest to showcase some of the world’s most creative, productive, inspiring, comfortable, and beautiful workspaces. However, we know that we can’t do this concept justice without getting the remote work community involved.

Your mission: Capture  the unique places that you regularly work from now that you aren’t tethered to a conventional office environment. Show other professionals that it pays off (in a big way) to take the leap and transition into remote work.

Here’s how you can get in on the action:

  • Share a few photos of your favorite workspaces around the world on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtags #WorkspacesAroundTheWorld & #RemoteYear.

  • These workspaces do not need to be traditional - in fact, it’s even more exciting when they aren’t! Show us the coolest cafés that you’ve hunkered down in for a day, snap a pic of the mural that you’re working next to, demonstrate how a workday can be even more productive when you’re surrounded by nature, or show off a coworking space that was made for Instagram.

  • Remote Year will choose a select number of photos to share on our own social platforms.

  • We will credit you by tagging your Account in our posts.

  • Following the reveal of our favorite #WorkspacesAroundTheWorld on social media, we will feature the selected photos in a blog post on our website, of course giving you credit for your images.

We can’t wait to see the places that are inspiring your productivity around the globe. Now get out there and show us where you’re working from!