Remote Year and Venture Noire partner in a Global Accelerator Program for Black and Minority Entrepreneurs

28. Feb. 2022

people working and living in cape town

What is the overall goal of the program?

Venture Noire's seeks to improve Black quality of life through entrepreneurship, supporting minority workforce creation and development. The cohort program will focus specifically on Black and minority founders of startups that are focused on the future of work, as well as the travel and hospitality industry, providing them with weekly training and mentorship on how to grow their businesses. 

women laughing and traveling

women laughing and traveling

How does the program work?

The first cohort will bring 15-20 US-based startup founders to South Africa later this year where they will meet up with local South African entrepreneurs in Cape Town and Johannesburg for a truly international collaboration. 

Through the partnership with Remote Year, cohort participants will complement their classroom training with a full cultural immersion in South Africa including private accommodations, a coworking space, access to local experiences, community programming, social impact projects, staff, health and safety resources, city and program orientations, and more. Beyond the curriculum and exposure that participants will receive, the program will provide new opportunities for expanded creativity, global thinking, and access to international opportunities given the rise of remote work.

“We believe that the rise in remote work is here to stay and has already shifted the ways in which businesses fundamentally operate and adapt. With this partnership, we’re putting the best and brightest minds internationally to creating solutions for the future of work,” said Keenan Beasley, Founder of Venture Noire. “By expanding internationally we’re also able to bring even more BIPOC founders and entrepreneurs into our community to network, impact and empower.” 

2 people remote working

2 people remote working

Who is this program for?

This program is best suited for entrepreneurs whose companies are already set up for remote work and who are ready to scale in a remote capacity. Entrepreneurs within the cohort will gain first-hand experience and knowledge about the intricacies of operating a global supply chain and scaling internationally. Up to 20% percent of the cohort participants will be locally based in South Africa as part of Remote Year’s commitment to driving a positive impact in the local communities in which it operates. Participants will learn to cultivate international appeal for their products and services based on real-world networking experiences with fellow global entrepreneurs. 

group of people drinking coffee and girls in japan

group of people drinking coffee and girls in japan

What this program means to Remote Year

“Remote Year is built on the belief that travel and remote work leads to innovation, exploration, and personal and professional growth,” said Tue Le, VP of Brand, Product & Community at Remote Year. “Partnering with Venture Noire is a natural fit for us because we share not only those same beliefs, but also a deep commitment to using our platforms to solve global inequities and create a tangible benefit for Black and minority business owners, the local community, and the global economy. We are excited to launch this program as the first in a series over the next few years and to be a part of these entrepreneurs’ transformational journeys particularly on a continent that has given birth to so many Black entrepreneurs and businesses.”

Applications for the program are now open and will close in May. 

About Venture Noire

Venture Noire is a 510c3 accredited non-profit diversity, equity and inclusion partner. Venture Noire was formed to build confidence and profitability in underrepresented founders and entrepreneurs of color through curriculum, community and access to capital. Through its programming, Venture Noire is on a mission to accelerate communities of color by catalyzing the success of minority-owned businesses in the digital economy. Venture Noire's ecosystem includes dozens of minority-owned start-ups that are on the cutting edge of technology, innovation and creativity.