Remote Year Reveals Top 10 Photos of Inspiring Places

After sorting through nearly 5000 entries, we are ready to reveal the top 10 photos from our Inspiring Places photography competition with Unsplash.

As citizens of the world and long-term travelers, Remotes are the first to say that the world is an inspiring place. From ancient forests to bustling markets to a tent beneath the stars, we are constantly influenced by our surroundings.

Earlier this month, we partnered with Unsplash to showcase the places that inspire us most, with the intention of celebrating the work of our communities and spreading the notion that great work can truly be done from anywhere. We put out a call to photographers for images that highlighted the places where they felt motivated, pushed by an overwhelming need to make their dreams come to life.

All we can say is: Minds. Blown.

The submissions that we received (almost 5000!) were astounding in their beauty, composition and individuality. It was immediately clear that no matter where someone is around the world, he or she can find an inspiring place from which to create their work.

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Throughout the submission process, we have seen countless examples of the supportive communities that can be formed when people share the work that they are passionate about. Photographers from around the world applauded the work of their peers and encouraged each other to submit an entry, holding strong to the idea of community over competition.

Beyond the stunning photography, this is what left us most inspired.

Thank you to the Remote Nation for sharing photos of your incredible adventures and best-kept secrets, and to Unsplash for allowing us to feature the work of talented photographers around the world.

Without further ado, take a look at the photos that have been selected to be a part of the Inspiring Places photo collection. You can find these photos for download on Unsplash.com.

Travel wanderlust

Photo by Savannah Walters

City shot

Photo by Derek Liang


Photo by Easton Oliver


Photo by Erwin Doorn


Photo by Jeremey Allouche

Sky with stars

Photo by Johnson Wang


Photo by Sam Beasley


Photo by Sherman Yang


Photo by Tim Trad

Wanderlust city

Photo by Vitalis Hirschmann