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Find Your Personal Paradise: Introducing Remote Year Elysian

12. Nov. 2021


Every city has its own story. Its own flavor. Its own allure.

Picture your three favorite places in the world - why do you love them?

Is it the mind blowing landscape that surrounds you? Is it the vibrant culture that envelops you and pulls you in with each new experience? Or is it the feeling of belonging, of bliss, that you feel somewhere deep in your soul, begging you to stay just a bit longer?

Discover your personal paradise on a work and travel program

Find Your Bliss on Remote Year Elysian

Remote Year Elysian will take you on a journey to your personal paradise. The name itself is derived from Greek Mythology and the Elysian Fields, a paradise that was created for heroes who were immortalized by the gods.

Finding your paradise is an individual phenomenon. For some, it can be a quiet corner in a bookstore, sipping tea while getting lost in another world within a novel. For others it is under the waves, feeling the rocking of the ocean’s current as you take in the beauty of an ecosystem hidden from the rest of the world. It can be the scent of fresh air at the top of a summit, taken in through weary lungs that are filled with pride after achieving such a feat.

On Remote Year Elysian, you will have a chance to live and work in four stunningly beautiful and unique cities in Latin America, searching for your personal slice of heaven with a community of people who share your values. Every destination holds its own potential for inspiration and exploration, and you’ll quickly get a glimpse of the diverse stories that Latin America has to tell.

You will find that through an open mind and a desire to understand the culture in each city that you travel to, the concept of paradise will present itself in a million different ways.

Where Will Remote Year Elysian Take You?

You’ll start your journey in Lima, with visions of scaling Machu Picchu in your head. However, one monument cannot begin to sum up your time in this city. You’ll have the opportunity to get outside and experience Lima’s natural beauty whether you’re hiking foliage-lined trails or rappelling and zip lining across rivers and cliffs. For less of an adrenaline rush, you’ll take a detour on your walk home from the workspace to take in the city’s colonial architecture and fusion of flavors from spicy ají de gallina, to sweet potato and squash donuts called picarones.

The second stop on your adventure will be Bogotá, the largest city in Colombia. This show stopping destination has transformed into a cosmopolitan hotspot over the last two decades, creating a haven for businesspeople and travellers alike. Picture yourself biking through the empty city streets on Sundays, ordering tamal en Español from a local restaurant, and heading to the Festival de Verano with a group of your fellow Remotes. Embrace a spontaneous mindset and seek out hidden gems that are off the beaten path - you never know where your personal paradise may be hiding in Colombia’s capital city.

During your third month with Remote Year Elysian, you’ll make your home in Medellín. The “City of Eternal Spring” lives up to its name, as it is surrounded by lush rainforests and imposing mountain ranges. Though its past is perilous, Medellín has experienced a recent renaissance and is now considered an up-and-coming city for creatives and entrepreneurs. Enjoy the pleasantly mild weather as you leave the workspace to grab an empanada from your favorite shop, participate in historic walking tours led by locals, and head to one of Medellín’s many discos on the weekend.

Finally, you’ll wrap up your Elysian experience in Mexico City, a city that can only be described as electric. More and more remote workers are flocking to CDMX, and it’s easy to see why. Not only are the locals some of the friendliest in the world, but the city’s deep sense of history commingles with modern amenities in a way that is instantly attractive to anyone seeking a sense of purpose. By the end of your adventure, you’ll have eaten the best taco you’ve ever tasted, had a spiritual awakening at a temazcal, and danced the night away once or twice in downtown Mexico City.

Finding your paradise, the place where you feel most alive and ready to take on the world, doesn’t happen when you stick to the status quo. The kind of growth that you’re searching for can only be found when you finally break out of your comfort zone and commit to living your life in a way that’s based in bliss. Are you ready to take the leap with Remote Year Elysian? Here's your next move.

Remote Year Elysian starts its journey on July 1st, 2018 and runs through November 3rd, 2018.