Remote Year Knowledge Drops

12. Nov. 2021

Remote work

Knowledge Drop #40: Finding Your Why

Welcome to this special KD, with the founder of fashion brands Vitaly and Clocks & Colors, Shane Vitaly. Shane has been an entrepreneur for nearly a decade now, and has grown two fashions brands from ideas in his head to multi-national, world-wide known institutions.  Shane continues to run his business while traveling the road, and somehow manages to do it all with a smile on his face.

Gain insights on how he managed to start his brand after a trip to Bali years ago, and why he went traveling for a year instead of obsessively trying to take his 10 figure business to 11. This talk will be an unofficial guide to dispelling the business demon that has been controlling you since day 1. Reconnect with the “why,” and the reason you started pushing for your dream in the first place.

Knowledge Drop #39: How to Build a Personal Brand on Instagram

We're fortunate to currently have a group of creatives and influencers traveling together with Remote Year Kahlo, who we lovingly call the "Kahlo Creators" and some of them will be making up this panel. Come for the wisdom, stay for the top instagram tips, and bring your burning questions!

Five word profiles of our Panel (+ instagram handle):

Jess Sturdy:  Content Creator + Lifestyle Blogger (@JessicaRoseSturdy)Becca Siegel: Photographer & half of @halfhalftravel (+ @beccasiegelphoto)Daniel Gold:  Photographer, developer, traveler with @halfhalftravel (also @danielcgold)Ray Berry: Remote Year's Social Media Manager (@remoteyear & @rayslaterb)Travis King: KD host and amateur instagrammer (@traviskingtravels)

Think Instagram Hacks, Instagram tips and tricks and everything in between!

Knowledge Drop #38: Why You Need a Value Prop

A common issue faced by founders of tech products and services is figuring out how to get people to use them. Frequently, when we’ve built something awesome, the first thing we want to tell our potential customers is how it works or how we built it.

Value based messaging is the idea that we need to shift that perspective away from how something works, and towards how it will change the lives of people who use it. The first step in this process is the crafting of a value proposition.

In this speaking session/workshop we will go over the general principles needed for this shift in perspective.

Knowledge Drop #37: How to Get Started as an Entrepreneur

Join Travis King and Laura Gallaher along with our two selected speakers on our How To Get Started as an Entrepreneur knowledge drop. We'll be sharing stories of Entrepreneurs who tried, failed, and tried again.

Knowledge Drop #36: How to Drive a Rickshaw Through India

Want to learn how to drive a Rickshaw in India? Jarrett Nixon, Will Ferguson, and host Travis King share stories from their two weeks riding a 7 horse power Rickshaw (basically a lawn mower) down the West Coast of India.

They'll be discussing the event itself (The Rickshaw Run put on by the Adventurists), the practicalities of preparing for, getting into and adjusting to India, life on the rickshaw, and the best part of the event itself - the country of INDIA and it's people!

Knowledge Drop #35: Automation Strategies for Remote Consultants and Entrepreneurs

Would it interest you to rethink everything you do in your business? Think about strategic growth strategy to handle more clients effectively? Better understand practical automation to save you time in your day-to-day?

Come join us for our first KD on automation with Jill Littlejohn. Jill is passionate about small business success and has helped businesses 10x their revenue implementing automation. Jill has also personally set up her own business for success to work as a remote consultant while on Remote Year.

Come learn some best practices, tips and tricks, and the reasons why automation could be doing more to help you now or in the future.

Knowledge Drop #34: Proper Use of Antibiotics & Vaccines for Travel

Many of us know that if we don't want to get Yellow Fever or one of the many diseases abroad we could get a vaccine, and often times we need to get one to enter certain countries. But how do antibiotics fit into a digital nomads health arsenal?

In this knowledge drop, you're going to learn all a digital nomad needs to know about vaccines, antibiotics and how, even though you might think you're doing it completely right, haphazardly taking antibiotics when you have an upset stomach or not finishing your antibiotic course might actually be contributing to the spread of antibiotic resistance, one of the biggest problems facing global health today.

Knowledge Drop #33: Is Alexa Listening to Me?

There are two technologies changing the future of digital advertising: Let's dig into them on this Knowledge Drop.

The first is 'Programmatic Media' which is the ability to find people using data. The second is 'Dynamic Creative' which is the ability to show consumers the right content using data. Together, this allows for hyper-personalized, 1-to-1 digital advertising at scale.

Dominick spent 6 years working for big companies and clients like P&G, Starcom, Braintree and Tennessee Tourism. He promptly burned out. His phoenix rising chapter is currently Omnichannel Media Director at FRC, a full service marketing agency.

Knowledge Drop #32: How to Network in the Digital Age

Jordan is a writer, speaker, and founder of Negotiable Reality Consulting, and he's passionate about making and keeping relationships. He is fascinated with psychology of human behavior, emotional intelligence, and consumer behavior. He is a giver first and prioritizes building real relationships in an era overrun with technology. He's used the strategies and tactics in this presentation to leave his corporate job, receive multiple job offers without the need to apply, start his own companies, drive six figures of revenue in sales, and create a weekly video series interviewing entrepreneurs around the world. So get off your phone, and get ON your computer, for this KD about networking now and into the future. 

Knowledge Drop #31: Making Better Predictions, Lessons From Sports Betting

The U.S Supreme Court just decided to legalize sports betting across all States in the US, so the timing for this Knowledge Drop couldn't be better. Rufus Peabody is a professional sports bettor and sports analyst. He is a co-founder of Massey-Peabody Analytics, and his quantitative football ratings systems have been published in the Wall Street Journal the last 8 years. He co-hosts the Bet The Process podcast with Jeff Ma (of “21” and “Bringing Down The House” fame). He will be sharing his 10+ years of experience in the industry, and discussing how process-based thinking and trying to understand randomness has led to a successful career in the giant (mostly hidden) world of Sports betting.

Knowledge Drop #30: How to Write a Resume

HR Pro, Remote Year Magellan Citizen and Remote Year Staff member Casey Carr-Jones is here to school you in the ways of everything resume. Learn best practices, the top ways your resume ends up in the trash, and how to incorporate your RY experience in a way that's appealing to prospective employers and clients.

Knowledge Drop #29: How Defensiveness Holds You Back

What does defensiveness look like and why is it a problem? Where does defensiveness come from? How can I reduce my defensiveness, which increases my effectiveness and my fulfillment in life?

Laura Gallaher of Remote Year Kanyini has a PhD in Organizational Psychology and was brought in to help NASA shape-up after the Colombia Mission tragically exploded, killing everyone onboard. She has also helped the Walt Disney Co. deal with internal issues. She has a very impressive and wide ranging background on all things related to community, self-awareness, communication and having those difficult conversations.

Knowledge Drop #28: How to Build Your Own Website

No code. No excuses. Build a beautiful site for your brand or project in days, not months.  In 30 minutes you’ll turn a business goal into a .com call to action that captures leads & you'll learn to build a beautiful, responsive website on the cheap - and, on your own. Jordan has spent the last 3 years developing websites for a wide variety of enterprises, consumer brands, small business, nonprofits & more. If you've ever considered building your own website, or it's seemed like some difficult hurdle to a goal of yours, join us for Jordan to give you a crash course in just how simple (and FUN!) it can be!

Knowledge Drop #27: The Pursuit of Engagement | A Social Media Masterclass

In a saturated social space of content creators, learn how one community uses Instagram and meet ups to bridge the gap between virtual and real time connections. Saunak has developed a  large instagram following over the past years through his love and passion for content, engagement and connecting people. You can find him on Instagram here.

Knowledge Drop #26: Self-Love

In a special Valentine's Day edition of a Remote Year Knowledge Drop, Remotes and Dreamers from a variety of communities and backgrounds discuss "self-love" and their backgrounds, uses, and love for natural remedies and holistic ways of thinking. Some of our panel have educational backgrounds in the field, while others are self-proclaimed "witch doctors." Learn how they keep their skin clear, teeth white, chase the bad spirits away and really take special care of their life vessels while out on the road.

Knowledge Drop #25: How to Get Clients Using LinkedIn

Tune in as Shannon Kuykendall of Remote Year Sisu walks you through her eight-point checklist for optimizing your LinkedIn profile and the one strategy that generates high-quality leads every time. Shannon has been utilizing these strategies for her own business since April 2017, and now averages 6 to 11 sales calls per week. You won't want to miss this!

Knowledge Drop #24: The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - A Masterclass

Lindsay Orr of Remote Year Cousteau is a Myers-Briggs enthusiast and wanted to share her knowledge on the subject with the entire RY Nation. Tune in to learn the differences between the Myers-Briggs types, how to determine your own type and how to use Myers-Briggs types to work better with other people.

Knowledge Drop #23: Crypto Currency: Demystifying the Game

In Remote Year's first ever Knowledge Drop panel, Remotes and citizens with background in the crypto world dig deeper into why this topic is gaining global attention. Whether you're completely new to crypto currency or you've had a bit of experience, this is a conversation you're not going to want to miss.

Knowledge Drop #22: Geocaching - The World's Largest Treasure Hunting Game

When Bri Suffety of Remote Year Veritas offers to teach you a little bit about geocaching, you pay attention. Bri has found almost 2,000 geocaches around the world and has worked for a Geocaching HQ for three and a half years. Check out the video below to learn more about this global treasure hunting game from Bri.

Knowledge Drop #21: How To Protect Yourself Online - Cybersecurity Basics

This week, Tyler Duzan of Remote Year Darien fills us in on how to stay safe online. With 13 years of experience in the field of information security and compliance, Tyler lays out five specific steps anybody can take to protect themselves online. View his presentation slides here.

Knowledge Drop #20: Introduction to the Stock Market

On this week's Remote Year Knowledge Drop, Rich McDonald of Remote Year Veritas demystifies the stock market. As a Hedge Fund Manager and Head of Equities Trading Director of Credit Suisse who is now running his own Hobby Fund remotely, Rich is uniquely qualified to break down how to get into the stock market and what mistakes to avoid when trading.

Knowledge Drop #19: How Any Idiot Can Write a Book

How many times have you heard someone say "Someday I'm going to write a book"? Matt Rudnitsky of Remote Year Darien breaks down how that "someday" can become a "today", with tips on how to develop an idea, write a book quickly and make a profit. See his slides here.

Knowledge Drop #18: The Golden Voice Behind Voice Overs

Ever wondered who the voice was behind some of your favorite voice overs? Christopher Hernandez of Remote Year Balboa is a professional voice and is filling us in on what it takes to break into the industry. View his slides here.

Knowledge Drop #17: Storytelling in Marketing

Calling all marketing professionals! Grace Bixby of Remote Year Balboa is dropping knowledge on storytelling in marketing in this week's Remote Year Knowledge Drop. Follow along with her slides here.

Knowledge Drop #16: How to Be a Productivity Nerd and Get Things Done

Johnson Wang of Remote Year Cousteau is an engineer by training and started his own consulting business while on Remote Year, so he knows a thing or two about how to stay productive and get things done. In this week's Remote Year Knowledge Drop, Johnson shares his tips and tools for productivity as a Certified Productivity Nerd. See his slides here.

Knowledge Drop #15: Bitcoin 101: The Digital Money Revolution

So... what exactly is Bitcoin and how can you get involved? Ashe Whitener of Remote Year Earhart is dropping knowledge on the crypto currency revolution, his five years of experience with Bitcoin and what he's learned from interviewing many of the top crypto entrepreneurs on his podcast.

Knowledge Drop #14: Remote Work for Newbies, Pros and Zombies

Depending on your connection to Remote Year, working remotely could be new to you, you could have experienced it for many months now, or this could be the first time that you've heard of the concept. Matthew Fountain of Remote Year Kublai will give you the 101 on working remotely, no matter your experience level in the latest Remote Year Knowledge Drop. See his slides here.

Knowledge Drop #13: Make Giant LEAPS

Mike Raven of Remote Year Ikigai is changing the game in this week's Remote Year Knowledge Drop. Mike is sharing his tips to using Leaps™, a rapid, proven approach to innovation, idea generation and business challenges while on Remote Year. View his slides here.

Knowledge Drop #12: Finance for Self-Employed Expats

On this week's Remote Year Knowledge Drop, we're keeping it legit with Jamie Roach from Remote Year Meraki. Jamie shares her knowledge on managing business expenses and staying on the IRS' good side when you're a self-employed expat.

Knowledge Drop #11: From Brainstorming to Publishing

Katherine Conaway of Remote Year Battuta gives us the play-by-play on the process of writing a book and navigating the publishing industry in this week's Remote Year Knowledge Drop.

Knowledge Drop #10: Photo-Editing for Beginners: Upping your Insta-game

In this week's Remote Year Knowledge Drop, Kimberly Koenig from Remote Year Kaizen walks us through her photo-editing process and gives us tips and tools for upping our Insta-game. Check out her slides here.

Knowledge Drop #9: The Power of Calm

After 15 years on Wall Street, Rob Price of Remote Year Darien learned a thing or two about stress and its effects. In this week's Remote Year Knowledge Drop, Rob fills us in on what stress is, what it means for your health and how to take control of your stress. View his slides here, and dive deeper into the topic on his website.

Knowledge Drop #8: Design Thinking: Journey to Creative Thinking

Design expert Jacri Stubbs of Remote Year Libertatem drops some knowledge on us this week about how to embrace your crazy and believe in your magic along your journey to creative freedom. Check out his (well-designed) slides here.

Knowledge Drop #7: 5 Ways to Make Yourself Standout: Advice from a Career Coach

Who better to drop knowledge on standing out from the crowd than Melissa Brown of Remote Year Cousteau? She's a career coach from The Muse who has technically been under-qualified for every job she's gotten in various industries, but made herself the obvious choice by using her strategies - and she'll help you get there too. See her slides here.

Knowledge Drop #6: Going Freelance

The transition from full-time to freelance can be intimidating, but Dan Gold of Remote Year Darien has the tools you need to make it happen. In this week's Remote Year Knowledge Drop, Dan has tips for setting goals, finding opportunities and balancing work and life. View his slides here.

Knowledge Drop #5: How to Make a Successful Pitch to a Potential Investor

We're taking the worry out of pitching to a potential investor this week with Jessica Noële DeWitt of Remote Year Battuta. Jessica drops information on how to create a pitch deck and how to get an investment based off of your pitch.

Knowledge Drop #4: Think Before You Shoot: How to Make a Captivating Video

This week, we're jumping in with Gianna Zoppi of Remote Year Magellan to learn about video production and how to evaluate the success of your video content. To view Gianna's slides, click here.

Knowledge Drop #3: Never Stop Creating

Eddie Contento of Remote Year Darien drops his knowledge on creativity in the latest Knowledge Drop. If you want to understand your creativity and start innovating, watch the video below and follow along with Eddie's slides here.

Knowledge Drop #2: Free Up Your Time!

Ankur Agrawal of Remote Year Ikigai has conducted workshops for years on how to free up time. In the latest Remote Year Knowledge Drop, Ankur goes into detail about his simple framework for create more time in your day and change your life. View his slides here.

Knowledge Drop #1: Mastering Your Story of Self

Paul Perry of Remote Year Magellan kicks of Remote Year's Knowledge Drop series by sharing his take on why developing a story that shows why you do what you do & what makes you, you is so important. View his slides here.