Single? Remote Year Offers a Different Way to Date

24. May. 2024

Just launched: Singles Month!

Imagine hopping on a flight to meet that special someone. As daunting as that idea may be, one company is betting that the alternative to endless swiping on dating apps is to go on a curated trip to another country with other single professionals with similar values and a vision for life.

Remote Year, the leading community and travel club for remote workers, digital nomads, and travelers, launched in 2015 to bring together groups of professionals to travel the world while working remotely. While their flagship 12-month Trip is only reserved for those courageous and committed enough to apply for a spot, Remote Year also offers 1 and 4-month trips that are open to everyone and deliver what they are most known for – taking care of travel logistics, such as apartments, workspaces, local experiences, knowledgeable local teams, and a built-in community in every destination.

Now, for a limited time, Remote Year is launching an inaugural one-month trip only for singles to the birthplace of the tango, Buenos Aires, Argentina, where it’s hoping that by creating the right environment and curating a diverse community, participants may be walking away with a life partner. And what’s the worst thing that can happen? Participants will walk away with 30-50 more friendships, a deeper connection with Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a renewed spark in how they see the world.

Why is Remote Year expanding into the love space? What they’re doing isn’t all that new. They’re just now being a little more intentional about it. After all, with global phenomena such as the wildly popular global series, such as Love is Blind, The Bachelor and Bachelorette, it’s no longer farfetched to meet a stranger who can quickly become a life partner, especially when there are shared experiences to help connect potential partners even more deeply.

“Over 90% of our participants arrive solo and single on our trips and Remote Year has helped spark hundreds of relationships within our community since we began 9 years ago. Love might not have been our original mission, but we're all about spreading it – which is why we're thrilled to announce our very first Singles Month in Buenos Aires this October. We want to create a safe, inclusive environment where it’s easier to connect with other people who see life the same way you do,” says Tue Le, CEO of Remote Year.

A quick glance at the company’s website and social media accounts backed up with Remote Year is saying - that the deep connections formed on the company’s trips around the world have led to lifelong business partnerships, friendships, love relationships, marriages, and even children. 

One of their participants, Hilary, shared “I met my now husband during RY! We became friends, then started a relationship once the year ended. We traveled together for several months, settled in Ontario, Canada, and were married in August 2020 and just bought our first house.”

How does one secure a coveted spot on this one-month trip in October 2024? Applications are now open on Remote Year’s website and are being reviewed closely by the team. Based on the interests and preferences of the applicant pool, Remote Year will select 30-50 participants for what it is considering to be its greatest social experiment it’s ever tried. Applicants will be notified over the next month. 

Those ready to try something new can apply here.

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