Find Your Own “North Star”: Introducing Remote Year Polaris

12. Nov. 2021

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Every Remote Year itinerary is created with a certain theme in mind. Programs are given names that will inspire and encourage participants throughout their journey, words that have a special meaning for the communities and cities  we visit.

Remote Year Polaris is no different. With the North Star in mind, this program was curated to provide direction and guidance to its members, allowing you to pursue your biggest goals while living a life full of purpose, intention, adventure, and action.

Go Your Own Way on Remote Year Polaris

Remote Year Polaris will shine a guiding light on the path that lies before you. Though uncertain at times, with winding turns and unpredictable obstacles, this program will show you the way through it all. You’ll be encouraged to uncover your truth and push forward, undistracted by shiny temptations that could steer you off your course.

This path is different for everyone. For some, it will be one of professional development, a chance to go after goals set by your boss - or yourself. The year spent on Remote Year Polaris could result in epiphanies of epic proportions, promotions, raises, or even a serious professional pivot. For others, the journey will be defined by personal growth. You may take risks that you would have never dreamed of in your “normal” life, meet people that have vastly different backgrounds and perspectives than your own, and climb to the top of a mountain with the goal of seeing a city from a new vantage point, only to find that you’re seeing yourself in a different light too.

On Remote Year Polaris, you’ll spend twelve months on the road with a group of inspiring, determined, vivacious people, following your North Star across five continents. Each city will give you clarity, a sense of community, and, most of all, a new story to tell.

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Where Will Remote Year Polaris Take You?

You’ll start your adventure in Latin America, calling cities like Santiago your home. This under the radar hotspot is starting to draw a bit more attention from travelers and remote workers alike, for both its cosmopolitan atmosphere and breathtaking views. This is a city where you won’t have to sacrifice stunning natural surroundings for connectivity. As you’re walking to the workspace in the morning, ready to take on the work day, perhaps with a cup of coffee in hand, you’ll be struck by the way that the Andes mountains seem to watch over the city, an almost unbelievable clash of natural beauty and manmade wonder. This city, full of life and potential, will inspire you to take the long way home, to give each decision you make a bit more weight, and to take a leap of faith when your gut is telling you that it’s right.

In Asia, you’ll spend a month in Kuala Lumpur and, luckily for you, there is no better time to be in this city. Diwali falls in October in 2019, and you’ll be in Malaysia to experience every colorful, celebratory second. Imagine soaking up the local culture with your Remote Year community, learning firsthand from locals about the importance of this holiday. Kuala Lumpur is a melting pot of diversity that will entice you to try every one of the multitude of cuisines available in the city, and to learn the backstory of everyone you meet.

Celebrate the New Year in Valencia by eating twelve grapes after the stroke of midnight for good luck and fortune in 2020. As a visitor to this seminal Spanish city, you’ll be sure to try each local vintage and find your favorite pairing for paella valenciana. You’ll embrace the siesta, taking a midday break from hard work to relax and shift your mindset. This is a city where arts and science lives in close proximity to the beach, so no matter your interest, you’re sure to find something in Valencia that will surprise and delight you.

Finally, you’ll prepare for your farewells in Cape Town, a city that has left many Remote Year participants starry-eyed and hike-obsessed. Join your fellow Polaris Remotes and City Team members for the Midweek Peak, where you’ll spend the early morning hiking to the top of one of Cape Town’s imposing mountains. February is peak season for Cape Town, so sunny skies and warm days at the beach will be prominent features of your month in the Mother City. Take some time to surf the cape’s iconic waves, find your favorite spot to get down to business within the eclectic coworking space, and even meet a penguin or two.

Cape Town is a city that will never truly leave your heart. This is the place where you’ll reflect on the past twelve months and wonder how it went by so quickly. You’ll remember the big breakthroughs, the tough moments that your community helped you get through, and the life changing magic that you have a hard time defining. It’s somewhere in your memories between the late nights spent on the beach in Lisbon listening to the waves crashing against the shore and the sound of a medley of car horns meshing with street vendors hawking their wares in Hanoi. This is a year that you’ll never be able to fully explain, but it’s one that has taught you lessons that you’ll carry with you for a lifetime.

Are you ready to follow the path toward your wildest dreams on Remote Year Polaris? It’s time to take your first step.

Remote Year Polaris kicks off on March 3, 2019 and runs through February 29, 2020.