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Where Do You Work on Remote Year?

We know that you want to get some serious work done while you're on Remote Year. Here's what you can expect from the workspaces.

When you’re deciding whether or not to join a work and travel program, you probably have a lot of things racing through your mind. How can you pick up your entire life and travel the world? What about all your stuff? What about your apartment? What would that mean for your taxes? Would your phone even work in a different country?

And, oh yeah, what about work?

As one half of the phrase “work and travel” it’s an essential  piece of the puzzle. After all, you wouldn’t be just heading out on this experience with the hopes of checking a new place off of your bucket list. You’re searching for something more, a larger change that could have vast implications for your personal and professional life.

To do that, you’re going to bring your work with you.

Experience these epic workspaces on Remote Year

So how exactly does work work when you’re traveling the world? How can you be sure that you’ll have a consistent connection or that your network is secure? Will the pull of adventure cause you to  neglect your daily responsibilities? Will you be the only one actually working? Where are you going to work?

The beauty of a work and travel program is that most of these challenges have already been solved before you ever touch down in your first destination. In every city on your Remote Year itinerary, you will have access to an established workspace to keep you focused, productive, and inspired.

What Can I Expect from a Remote Year Workspace?

Though each city’s workspace has its own flavor and its own claim to fame, there are consistencies that you can expect from every workspace that you encounter on your Remote Year experience.

High-Speed Connectivity

The most important part of a workspace is… *drum roll*... the WiFi! Every Remote Year workspace has internet speeds fast enough for video calls, browsing, email, and the vast majority of work-related tasks. We keep a close eye on connectivity because we know it’s the single-most important thing that you need to get your work done. Working from a Remote Year workspace should feel just like working from anywhere else you can guarantee strong connectivity.

24/7 Access

We know that work doesn’t always take place during traditional “working hours”, especially when you’re in a different time zone than your home office. If you’re traveling in Asia and the rest of your team is working on EST, there’s a good chance you’ll have to pull a late night or two in the workspace. Don’t worry - you’re covered. You can set up shop in the workspace at any time, fueled by piping hot coffee or tea, and knock out your to-do list with confidence.

Close to Accommodations

Because Remote Year apartments are located in safe, central areas within each city, workspaces are never too far away. At most, your workspace will be a 30 minute walk from your apartment. This commute, whether done on foot, by bike, or by public transportation, allows you to feel like a local within that city. By opening your eyes to the lives that are unfolding around you as you make your way to the workspace, you can gain a better understanding of the city’s tempo and  its character.

Office Equipment

Sometimes, you need more than just your laptop to execute on a project. Every coworking space has a printer for your use, and some have other equipment like shredders, copiers, laptop stands, extra monitors, and more. However, these types of equipment are not guaranteed  in every Remote Year workspace so if you rely on having a laptop stand, keyboard, or mouse, we recommend bringing your own.

Call Booths and Meeting Rooms

As a remote worker, you’re going to get to know the ins and outs of video calls pretty well. Whenever it’s time to call into a team meeting or a brainstorm session, your workspace will have a spot for you to get a bit of privacy. Every Remote Year workspace has call booths or meeting rooms so that you can tune out any background noise and give your full attention to the meeting at hand. One thing to note: call booths are meant for a quick call here and there - not for all-day residency. Plan on spending most of your time in the community areas when you’re at the coworking space.

Remote-Favorite Workspaces

Though every city has an incredible workspace as its homebase, here are some favorites among Remotes. From continent to continent, these are the workspaces that we hear about the most.

WIP - Split

WIP is a coworking space located in Split, Croatia, just a few steps from the Adriatic Sea. It was created by Remote Year for Remote Year, as evidenced by its “punchy” murals and distinctive workspaces like barstool-style seating, community gathering spaces, and aesthetically-pleasing design features. Split is somewhat of a Remote Year hotspot, so even when people have completed their work and travel program experience they’ll find themselves traveling back to Croatia just to work from WIP.

Remote working space

WIP Lisboa - Lisbon

This WIP is like the little brother or sister of WIP Split, located  in another one of Remote Year’s favorite cities - Lisbon. With a similar duality of energy and relaxation, WIP Lisboa offers Remote Year participants the perfect place to get sh*t done. Along with an Instagrammable design and an idyllic rooftop space, this coworking space provides the perfect HQ for your Remote Year crew.

Coworking space

K10 - Prague

A true workspace gem, K10 is located in a beautiful former embassy building in Prague. There are many places to set up your workspace, from an outdoor garden to indoor conference rooms, and even smaller bistro spaces to make you feel like you’re in a cafe. K10 offers access to a self-service kitchen, beautiful architecture, and even a yoga class from time to time! It’s pretty easy to see why this space is a Remote-favorite.

Remote work space

‍‍Image Source: @k10coworking

Remote work space

Image Source: @k10coworking

Andwork - Kyoto

There’s something about Kyoto that is so individual and so unique that travelers are drawn to it year after year. andwork, the Remote Year coworking space in Kyoto, lets that extraordinary vision shine. It’s unique in that it is located in a hotel, so Remotes who are living and working in Kyoto for the month have a chance to connect with local employees, freelancers, and entrepreneurs without much effort. After a long day of work, you can head to the self-service kitchen or the lobby to grab a beer and immerse yourself in the magic of Kyoto.

Coworking space

Image Source:

Coworking space

Image source:

WeWork - Bogotá

Another space that shows that design can make or break a coworking space, WeWork in Bogotá is a Latin American favorite. With beverages like coffee and fruit water available throughout the workday, you’ll find that you can power through your project without skipping a beat. Whether you work better in a solo space or with the background noise of a common area, Bogotá’s WeWork is the answer to your productivity prayers.

Coworking space

Image Source: WeWork

Coworking space

Image Source: WeWork

Inner City Ideas Cartel - Cape Town

Cape Town is a newer Remote Year city, but almost immediately beloved by all. The workspace at Inner City Ideas Cartel may have something to do with that! This is one of those coworking spaces that feels less like an office and more like a home. The space itself is sophisticated and industrial, helping you to get your own gears turning throughout the day. You can find a cozy corner like Rebecca did below, or take advantage of the common spaces where you can interact with local professionals.

Coworking space

Photo by: Rebecca Stone

Coworking space

Image Source: Inner City Ideas Cartel

It’s easy to see why these spaces are Remote favorites! Coworking spaces are always evolving, with new perks and amenities becoming available all of the time, so the workspaces that Remote Year partners with in each city can change as well. Where you work is an integral part of a work and travel experience, so we are always looking to introduce Remote Year programs to the most innovative and inspiring workspaces that the world has to offer.