Why Do People Join Remote Year?

11. Nov. 2021

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Image Credit: Saunak Shah (@saunakspace)

Why do people join Remote Year?

It’s a question that is asked by nearly every Pomote (Potential Remote) when they are first considering making a change in their lives. There are some answers that are obvious: Remotes get to travel the world while expanding on their passion for their career. All logistics are taken care of along the way, and they get to have experiences in each destination that most tourists never could.

But that isn’t why most people join Remote Year. Beyond the scenic Instagram posts (although we have those too) and passports filled with stamps lies a deeper impetus toward why people decide to pack up their bags and go on a Remote Year.

The desire for change.

The most common reason behind Pomotes’ decisions to become Remotes is the feeling tat something in their life needed to change. They have usually been thinking about it for a long time, this idea of shifting their current reality. Whether that be the urge to quit their job and start their own company, wanting to break the traditional mold of a 9-5 or the need to develop a supportive community as a freelancer, Remote Year provided a solution.

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Below, hear from a few Remotes about the changes that they were looking to make in their lives when they decided to go on Remote Year:

Katelyn Smith, Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant

Remote work

Remote work

I was and still am a passionate traveler. You can learn any concept in school but the best teacher for life is travel. It's not just about sitting on a beach and vacationing, it's about growing as a person and learning about the world around you. Before Remote Year, my life consisted of a cubicle, the hours of 9-5 and 10 vacation days. To me that seemed unnatural. The idea that society accepts this as normal blew my mind and I knew I needed to make a change. In short, Remote Year was (and still is) my dream come true because it allows me to work while traveling the world.


Alondo Brewington, Software Developer - Teamsnap

Selfie on a helicopter

Selfie on a helicopter

I’ve spent the last few years exploring the US but I missed international travel. I discovered that I’m not much of a tourist, that I prefer a much longer stay in a place where I can truly digest the local culture. Most importantly, I’ve discovered that traveling is my preferred state of being. I’m more creative and engaged in my work when my environment changes. Remote Year presents an opportunity to extend my preferred travel mode beyond the US borders, combining travel with work and taking in more than just a cursory experience.


Sabrina Colella, Online Business and Marketing Strategist

Participant spotlight

Participant spotlight

I was at the peak of my corporate marketing career. By age 30 I was a Marketing Director for a large North American consumer events company. I had everything I thought I wanted - an amazing corporate career, a great employer, my awesome corporate salary, plus all the amazing perks and benefits to boot! I had reached a level of career status and success that I was proud of, but something inside me knew it was time for change. When I was presented with the opportunity to travel with Remote Year, I thought “how perfect is this!?”. Thoughts of building my own location-independent business had been on my mind for a few years, and Remote Year was the catalyst I needed to make a lifestyle change. So, I decided to take the leap, pursued my dreams of travelling around the world, and stepped into my power of becoming an entrepreneur.


Dr. Jenn Burrell, Managing Director - MadX

Participant spotlight

Participant spotlight

I joined Remote Year to take a journey to put it simply. I love to travel; and, working from home every day got doldrum. So when I heard about an opportunity to focus on work and business development while traveling simultaneously with a group, I couldn't resist applying. Traveling, of course, will expose me to different lifestyles, foods, and history and being able to do it with Remote Year will provide some structure and consistency making it easier to build relationships on the road (and creating business opportunity).


Tom Hussey, Co-Founder - Alphabet Shirts

Participant spotlight

Participant spotlight

I needed to escape the gravitational pull of old habits and routines so that I could reach escape velocity and embark upon new adventures. For me, it's as much about the internal journey, as an external one. Whoever said, "wherever you go, there you are" is wrong. New experiences and relationships lead to new thought patterns and then a shift in mindset.


Ben Schmidtke, Senior Developer - Digital Primates

Participant Spotlight

Participant Spotlight

Why join Remote Year? Why not?! All joking aside, I was at a point in time after living in Chicago for 7 years where it felt like it was time to move on. I had been doing a fair amount of traveling and, but nothing like this. Like a moth to a flame, the attractiveness of being able to continue working full time while traveling was a natural transition from my current situation.


Maggie Fogg, Freelance Brand Strategist & Content Creator

Remote working

Remote working

I felt at a crossroads in my life. I was working in a corporate job as a marketing director of a small beauty brand in Canada. While it was a great company, I had stopped experiencing personal fulfilment and professional growth. In an effort to shake things up and look for more passion in what I was doing professionally, I started looking for opportunities in the UK. Lo and behold, a Facebook ad to travel the year with Remote Year popped into my feed and I decided to take the leap!


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