Florianopolis, Brazil

Get a taste of life in buzzing Florianopolis, an exciting seaside destination known for its bustling city life, blissful beaches, and the stunning Santa Catarina Island. Whether you’re looking forward to paddleboarding around the island, sampling fresh seafood, or heading on a weekend adventure to the incomparable Rio de Janeiro, exciting adventures and immersive cultural experiences await.
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Campeche Island

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Sequencia de Camarao

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Why Explore Florianopolis with Remote Year

Gorgeous coastal views, sandy beaches, delicious food, and a thriving nightlife all await you in the lovely city of Florianopolis. Connect with the warm locals, spend your free time exploring, and discover all that Brazilian culture has to offer in this incredible destination.

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Your Neighborhood

In Florianopolis, your accommodations and workspace will be centrally located within easy access to some of the best bars, restaurants, and beaches in town. Start your day with a morning surf session, taste delicious Brazilian cuisine at lunch, or samba dance the night away with new friends - you’ll love local life in this vibrant sun-soaked destination.

Your home away from home

You will be staying in a comfortable private bedroom in a multiple bedroom apartment, house, or hotel. All accommodations are located in top neighborhoods and within a 25-minute walk of your coworking space. Accommodations are clean, secure, and include standard internet. Private apartments are available at an additional cost after booking.

Things You'll Experience in Florianopolis, Brazil