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About Remote Year

Who goes on Remote Year?

Remote Year welcomes people who share an appetite for adventurism and growth, want to become better global citizens, and see the value of community-based travel. We work hard to curate diverse, inclusive communities that reflect the world we want to live in. We have a wide range of ages (from 20s to 70s), with an average age of 30-35. We are intentionally growing diversity on our programs, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and nationality. In the past year, we have had about 30% people of color, over 50% representation of women, and over 30 nationalities represented.

Our programs are composed of curious, driven professionals from a variety of industries and backgrounds, including developers, marketers, teachers, CEOs, writers, creatives, and lawyers, just to name a few. Roughly half are full-time employees while the other half is a mix of freelancers, contractors, and entrepreneurs. We also have quite a few retirees or people pursuing their own passion projects on our programs. 

Regardless of their backgrounds, our diverse community share the same values and fundamental belief that living, working, and traveling to the most inspiring destinations on the planet are more memorable and fun when you’re surrounded by an inspiring, like-minded community.Participant Requirements

Before you schedule a call, please first make sure you meet the following general requirements listed below.

  • You must be at least 21 years old
  • You must be able to speak English conversationally
  • You must be in some kind of professional pursuit.  This includes already having a job that you can do remotely or working on a venture or passion project with a financial plan to comfortably support paying the program cost.

If you meet the qualifications listed above, we encourage you to Schedule a Call with a Program Consultant about joining a Remote Year program.

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