4-Month Journey Through Latin America

LatAm Mar & Sep 2024

Llamas. Latin America. And you, working remotely. Come explore with our community.

Wake up in Buenos Aires one month, then log on in Lima, adventure in Medellin, or make new friends in Mexico City the next. This could be your life for the next 4 months. Bring your remote job and connect with our community in Latin America. We’ll handle the logistics, just show up. We promise it will be unforgettable. You'll experience 4 months of new and unforgettable moments, but this itinerary is even more unique. You will overlap with one month programs and with sections of 12 month journeys. This means that you can expect more people, more connections, and more shared experiences.

4 countries. 4 months. Endless possibilities. Welcome to Latin America.

Say goodbye to your espresso machine and hello to cups of Colombian coffee, enjoyed right on the farm where it’s grown. Trade your usual office view for the coastline of Lima. And on the weekends? Hop on a hot air balloon in Mexico or go cattle ranching in Argentina. Your remote working routine just got an upgrade.

Included Community Experiences

In every destination, you'll have the choice to join local experiences, community-building, and social events curated by our incredible local teams. Whether it’s a local market walking tour, or a sunset cruise farewell event, each month’s programming is tailored to the destination and to the group. In addition to the many social events, you can expect at a minimum:
Welcome Event
Local Walking Tour
Language and Culture class
Skill Share and Networking
Farewell Event
Additional weekly social and community events

After-work hours look better in Latin America. Local experiences you’ll love.

Spot llamas in Machu Picchu, paraglide over Medellin, taste empanadas in Argentina, or splash into a cenote in Mexico. Unforgettable moments? They’re our specialty. 

What’s included in our journeys

That world trip you’ve always dreamed about? Let’s make it happen. Bring your job to a new city each month and make unforgettable memories with our community. Whether you join a 4-month exploration of Latin America, Asia, Europe, or Africa or a 12-month adventure to all four regions, a Remote Year Journey will change your life. We can’t wait for you to join us.

Reliable Workspaces

24/7 access to a centrally located co-working space with strong WiFi

Accommodation (if selected)

Centrally located, apartment or hotel-style accommodations

Leader and Local Team

Full time dedicated staff to manage logistics, curate community, and provide insider knowledge

Supportive Community

Work & Play Companions: A diverse, like-minded traveling community, typically ranging from 15-40 in size

Community Experiences

A thoughtful mix of sessions, events, & social meets up for you to get the most of the destination and from each other

RY Marketplace

A month’s of additional curated local and regional adventures for purchase

Latin America, your new home away from home

Accommodations are so much more than where you rest your head at night. That’s why we’ve scouted out the most vibrant neighborhoods in Latin America for you to immerse yourself in. From the cliffs of Lima to the bustling boulevards of Mexico City, the hottest restaurants, coolest hangouts, and best local markets in town will be just outside your door.
Centrally Located
Participant Rating
Safe & Secure



Get to know the city with a team of local experts who will:

  • Check Circle

    Curate unique experiences
    both in & surrounding the destination

  • Check Circle

    Recommend all the best spots so you can have

    local, authentic experiences

  • Check Circle


    community building
    with group events around the city

  • Check Circle

    Make you

    feel safe & comfortable
    in a new environment

Your new office

You deserve a better office view. Our workspaces in Latin America offer so much more than just great wifi. Well-designed, welcoming, and perfect for connecting with fellow remote professionals - you’ll be primed for productivity whether you’re answering emails in Buenos Aires or setting up shop in Medellin. Working remotely has never looked better.
Reliable WIFI
Centrally Located
24/7 Access

Swap your rent for the adventure of a lifetime

Why pay rent when you could use that same money to experience a once-in-a-lifetime Journey? We’re pretty sure Latin America is a more exciting investment, we’ve done the math. And it involves more tacos.

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Ready to go?

90% of Remote Year travelers say our programs changed their life. How will we change yours?

Mar 3 - Jun 29, 2024

Spots still available

Trip Itinerary

1. Mexico City

2. Medellin

3. Lima

4. Buenos Aires

Book with Confidence

  • Free Cancellation

    Within 24hrs of booking, except if 15 days or less from start date

  • Change Your Booking

    Change your trip up to 60 days before the Journey start date for $250

  • Break Up Your Payments

    Pay in several installments

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*The RY Membership is included in your first trip and then is $17/month billed annually.

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