1 Month in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania


Nov 3 - 30, 2024
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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Experience the Heart of Coastal Beauty and Tanzania's Urban Pulse in Dar Es Salaam!

Begin your workdays in the vibrant heart of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania's coastal gem! Savor a breakfast of chapati and spiced tea before diving into your tasks. During lunch breaks, you can explore the bustling Kariakoo Market or stroll along the stunning beaches. And when it's time to log off, immerse yourself in the city's rich cultural offerings or venture into nearby Bongoyo Island for a tranquil escape. In Dar Es Salaam, every moment presents a chance to be captivated by the rhythms of urban life and the allure of the Indian Ocean. Get ready for a unforgettable Tanzanian adventure!

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What’s included?

Comfortable Accommodations

Shared or private accommodation options so you can choose what works best for your lifestyle. Always in vibrant neighborhoods, central to city life, restaurants, cafes, and with the workspace nearby.


Designated Workspaces

24/7 access to professional workspaces and reliable wifi. Well-located, thoughtfully designed, welcoming, and perfect as a hub for connecting with fellow remote professionals, entrepreneurs, and locals.


Leader & Community Team

Known as the highlight of every RY trip and what sets us apart from doing it on your own. A genuine local guide at every destination, complemented by a dedicated traveling community leader to accompany you throughout your entire trip.

Included Events

Valuable information sessions through comprehensive city and culture orientations, knowledge drops, and language classes. Social events include welcome experience, weekly meetups and farewell event.


Diverse Community

Remote workers from all backgrounds and professions


Airport pickup on arrival day (with accommodations only)

Health & Safety Support

24/7 access to 3rd party safety and security support


Local experiences, weekend adventures, and amenities thoughtfully curated by our local teams to provide you with diverse options to get the most out of every month. All optional, all up to you.

Jambiani Village Tour

Jambiani Village Tour

Meet a women’s pottery group and hear about their craft. Visit a local seaweed farm and learn how to make rope from coconut fiber.

Snorkeling at Mnemba Island

Snorkeling at Mnemba Island

Join us on a boat trip to one of Zanzibar’s famous islands called Mnemba Island which is popular for its beautiful underwater world.



You can’t talk about Tanzania without mentioning Mount Kilimanjaro. You don’t have to climb Kilimanjaro to experience its beauty but you can easily take a day trip to the mountain to get an up-close-and-personal look and experience its beauty from many locations inside Kilimanjaro National Park, including the foothills which surround the mountain.

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Dar Es Salaam Nov 3 - 30, 2024

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