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5 Reasons Why Santiago is a Hot Spot for Remote Workers

12. Nov. 2021

Santiago, Chile

Santiago is one of the those cities that makes you feel like you never want to leave.

As the capital of Chile, it is home to nearly one third of all Chileans, giving it major appeal when it comes to diversity, individuality, and accessibility.

In turn, Santiago has become a hotspot for professionals from every industry and one of the best places to work remotely. Whether you’re in a field that will benefit from close proximity to entrepreneurship, a unique perspective on the arts, or simply opportunities to network with brilliant Chilean minds, it’s a destination full of heart, innovation, and spirit that will entice you and energize you.

While other well-known Latin American cities may have already made it onto your travel wish list, don’t forget to include the hidden gem that is Santiago. Living and working in this city among the Andes is a can’t-miss experience for any remote worker, and today we’re laying out the top five reasons why.

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5 Reasons to Work Remotely in Santiago

Get Inspired by Your Surroundings

The Santiago skyline is anything but average. While the Gran Torre Santiago building makes a case for show stopping architecture, the true star of the show are the Andes mountains to the east. These imposing peaks tower over the city, providing perspective to those who may originally oggle over the city’s man made wonders.

As you sit in the coworking space, tackling your latest professional problem or seeking inspiration for your next project, all you need to do is look out to the mountains and their endemic forests to feel a spark of creativity.

One Remote Year participant said, “Santiago was one of the best stops this year. The city was a great place to live for the month. The country was awesome and my side trip down the coast was magical. I can't think of anything that could be done to improve my time there, except to have been there longer.”

Wanderlust travel

Wanderlust travel

Explore the Vibrant Arts Scene

Santiago is not only a professional hub, but also a haven for those with creative dispositions. Musicians, street artists, performers, and culinary masterminds are flocking to this Latin American city, bringing their viewpoints to a city that is game to welcome them with open arms.

As a remote worker in Santiago, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a spot that hasn’t been touched by imagination. Your commute to the coworking space or a local café will be infused with color, sound, aroma, and endless action. It’s no wonder that Santiago is seen as a patron of the arts - you’re feeling inspired just by walking through its streets.

The Telegraph UK said, “Distinct creative districts have popped up across the city, along with a sprinkling of boutique hotels, world-class restaurants, and a thriving arts and nightlife scene.”

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Immerse Yourself In Innovation

Imagine witnessing the growth of Santiago as it continues to move up in the ranks of world’s greatest cities. Today, you can.

Modern amenities are sprouting up in the same space as some of nature’s most beautiful wonders in this city, and you can be a part of the action. Watch as the streets that you venture down everyday start to evolve, as local shops pop up to offer unique wares, and the possibilities of technology permeate through businesses and social spots alike. This is your once in a lifetime chance to live and work in the midst of a cultural and architectural renaissance.

An article in The New York Times said, “Until recently, Chile’s capital has been mostly off the radar for visitors to South America - its innovative culinary scene outshone by Lima’s, and its art venues considered less cutting edge than Bogotá’s. But Santiago is a destination that can hold its own. The metropolitan area of nearly seven million is home to a dynamic cultural landscape and is bursting with energy.”

City view

City view

Santiago a Mil

Santiago a Mil is the biggest arts festival in Chile, held in the capital city in January and lasting three weeks. Don’t let the simple encompassing term of “arts” deter you, this festival includes all aspects of the trade, from dance and theatre performances to acrobatics, visual art, and music.

As a visitor, the festival is relatively easy to attend. Prices are typically low, with some performances available to the public for free. It is an experience that you’ll never forget, with action around every corner, and hundreds of separate events to choose from throughout the festival. Spend your morning catching up on work, then head to the streets in the afternoon to take in a performance that piqued your interest. That’s the beauty of work-life flexibility.

Fiestas Patrias

While you’re in Santiago, you can’t miss Fiestas Patrias, a festival that celebrates Chile’s independence. This two-day event is celebrated across the country, but its major claim to fame, an enormous military parade, fittingly takes place in the capital city of Santiago. The streets are filled with music, the salivating scents of asado, red wine, and bright colors that invoke genuine joy.

Take this time to feel the Chilean pride and reflect on all the country’s historic stages. As a visitor, it is up to you to appreciate the triumphs and hardships and to embrace Santiago for what it is: a city with a very bright future.

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