Top 10 things you need to know about Destinations by Remote Year

12. Nov. 2021

European coast

1. We decided to create Destinations by Remote Year to continue our mission and stay on track to building the future of work.

Remote Year’s ongoing mission is to create a more peaceful and productive world by fostering genuine human connections across diverse cultures and people through our work and travel programs. Since our initial launch in 2015, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback that not all professionals can pick up their lives and leave for a year of extended travel. For some, our 4 & 6 month programs help solve that issue, but for others we needed to create something a bit more flexible.  In order to continue to build the future of work and make our platform more accessible to more people, we prioritized 1-month programs as our next experience.

2. It’s the same great service rolled into one month.

Destination Programs are similar to Itinerary Programs in terms of what’s included — 24/7 workspace access, accommodations, social and professional events, local experiences, as well as Remote Year’s marketplace to customize your experience. Unlike our Itinerary Programs that visit multiple cities over the course of a many months, Destination participants will select one of our most popular and highest-rated cities and visit during peak season for a single month.

3. It’s our most flexible work and travel program yet.

We created Destinations for the person who has a busy schedule or other limitations that prevent them from joining an Itinerary program. Not only does having one-month programs allow people to pick and choose the months they live and work in a different country, we’ve also added another exciting perk! Participants have the option to upgrade to one-bedroom apartments (for a fee) prior to their program if they don’t wish to share an apartment with a fellow participant. 

4. You’ll be on the road to Remote Year citizenship.

Remote Year citizenship is a membership status our participants can earn by joining Remote Year programs. It is a thank you we give to our participants for being a part of our community of over 2,500 professionals. As a Citizen, you get exclusive deals to additional events and products like Citizen Houses, Global Access, RYUnion Events, and more. You can achieve Remote Year Citizenship by completing at least 4 months worth of Remote Year programs. This means in completing a Destination, you’re a quarter of the way there. 

5. In participating in one Destination, you get credit towards another Remote Year Program

If you love Destinations as much as we do by the end of your program, you will receive a special discount off future Destinations program (or an Itinerary program!) to continue on with your Remote Year journey (and also get you closer to Citizenship!)

6. The cost of a Remote Year Destinations program follows the same structure as our other programs. A down payment and a fee per month. 

To reserve your spot on a program, you must submit a downpayment to show how serious you are about the program and gives us the confidence to start booking your arrangements. Then, you submit your program month fee paid 30 days after your down payment is submitted. You can see how it compares to our other Remote Year programs here

7. Join as a couple or bring a friend and get a discount. 

We are offering a special discount to couples who join a Destination together or individuals who bring along a friend.  If you’d like to take advantage of this discount, ask your Program Consultant for more details as well as other promotions we may have available! 

8. We already launched our first Destinations program this month!

Our pilot Destinations program Remote Year Tembisa started on February 2, 2020. You can follow their journey on Instagram by checking out their hashtag #rytembisa.

9. We have 4 more programs departing this year.

We’re excited to announce that we have four more Destinations programs departing in 2020 and located in Colombia (Medellin), Croatia (Split), Japan (Kyoto) and South Africa (Cape Town). These are the only four Destinations that we have set to leave this year, so act fast if you’re interested!

10. To reserve your spot, schedule time with a program consultant! 

The programs listed above are the only four Destinations that we have set to leave this year and each program has limited space. If you’re interested in joining us or have additional questions, schedule a call with your Program Consultant to reserve your spot.