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Figure Out Your Remote Working Setup With Remote Year

12. Nov. 2021

Set up remote working

Remote work has its perks. The view from your “office” could be the waves crashing in the ocean, a barista brewing the best espresso you’ve ever tasted or the sun hitting a skyline just right, leaving you inspired. As an on-the-move professional, your remote workspace quickly becomes your home away from home, and you should stock it with all of the items you need to be an efficient employee and a happy human.

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1) Notepad

We know, we know, the world has gone digital. In fact, many of us handle most of our responsibilities via the internet, but a pad of paper always comes in handy. Whether you need to sketch something that sparks your creativity, or you need to jot something down worth remembering, keeping a notebook nearby is never a bad idea. Grab a few pens in a variety of colors, and enjoy getting offline for awhile.

2) Headphones

Some people work better with background noise, until another customer at the café you’re working at starts a loud conversation with his friend - and you can hear every word. Make sure to have a pair of noise-cancelling headphones handy for when you need to plug in and focus. Bonus: many headphones have an attached microphone, so it’s easier than ever to jump into conference calls with your coworkers.

3) Personal Touch

Your remote workspace should be the place where you feel most focused, creative and, most importantly, like yourself. To integrate your personality into your everyday, bring something small but personal with you to work. Whether it’s a framed photograph of family or friends, or a succulent that brightens up the space, a personal touch will always go far in reminding you why you’re passionate about your work.

4) Chargers and International Adapters

This one’s huge. If you ask any Remote, they’d be the first to tell you that they can’t live without their technology. To avoid any mishaps or days spent in a haze of unproductivity, keep your chargers in the bag that you use to transport your necessities to and from your workspace. Then, pack extras. You never know what friends you’ll make when you come prepared and ready to share.

5) Portable Laptop Accessories

Laptop fatigue is a real thing. When you need the flexibility to work from anywhere without straining your hands and wrists, a portable keyboard and mouse can come in handy. With these tech tools, your remote workspace will start to feel like an efficient environment and encourage you to stay on task. Another item to consider: a foldable laptop stand. Keeping your laptop at eye-level will allow your neck and shoulders to stay relaxed, and keep your posture perfect through hours of productivity.

6) Filtered Water Bottle

As you work in different cities, you’ll become accustomed to what amenities are available to you at your remote workspace. If bottled water isn’t available to purchase, bringing a filtered water bottle with you to work can be convenient. Not only will you have clean water to drink, but you’ll feel hydrated throughout the workday.

7) Webcam

For team meetings and conference calls, a webcam is an essential piece of equipment for a remote worker. Your laptop may already have one embedded, but external options are also available. Make sure that you choose a webcam that is compatible with your specific laptop before starting your travels for the best results.

8) Snacks

Enough said.