How You Can Level Up Your Career by Going on the Road with Remote Year

1. Dec. 2021

Girl working from balcony in jungle

If you’re reading this blog, chances are that you’ve at least thought of – if not dreamed about – living abroad while working remotely. Remote work can change your life, and the flexibility that comes with it means that you can live anywhere in the world.

We bring together remote workers from all over the globe to live, learn, and work in some of the most culturally vibrant places around the world. Gaze at ancient pyramids from a hot air balloon in Mexico City, explore the mysterious ruins of Machu Picchu, or watch a brilliant sunrise while hiking in South Africa - we’re here to help you make those dreams a reality! 

We handle all the hard stuff about living and working abroad, so you can focus on your career while living life to the fullest in your new home. 

“I truly had a great experience with Remote Year. I did a 1-month work-travel program in Medellin, Colombia. I did very little research about Medellin before I left, because RY handles everything…RY made me more confident about remotely working wherever on my own, but I also plan on doing more Remote Year months in the future.” -Anonymous Trustpilot review

group of people on volcano

group of people on volcano

Joining a global community of like-minded professionals will inspire and motivate you

When you work remotely, it’s easy to feel isolated from other professionals. Studies have shown that when workers start to feel too isolated, their productivity takes a nosedive. It’s hard to motivate yourself if you don’t have a support network.

We understand how valuable a sense of community is for remote workers, especially when you’re living abroad. When you sign up for a Remote Year program, you’ll join a global network of talented professionals who have the same sense of adventure and ambition that you do.

“Community is what Remote Year is all about! It's the biggest selling point in my opinion and it's at the heart of everything RY the end of the day it's not about the places you go, but the people you spend those moments with.” - Anthony Choi

group of people working remotely

group of people working remotely

Networking with a diverse group of professionals leads to new and exciting opportunities 

One thing that unites all Remote Year participants is a thirst for adventure and love for travel. But the people who join the program come from all sorts of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and stages of life. You’ll encounter many different perspectives and outlooks from all around the world that you wouldn’t be exposed to otherwise.

The inspiring ideas and connections you develop with Remote Year will help level up your career in a way you haven’t imagined yet.

“I decided to travel with Remote Year because I wanted to improve my global competence and felt more comfortable traveling with a diverse group of professionals with similar values. Remote Year's access to housing, co-working, and culture program resources was of tremendous value to invest.”- Daniel 



Immersing yourself in other cultures will give you a fresh perspective as a professional

Curious about how Valencians incorporate siestas into their lives? Want to bring Guatemalan coffee culture into your own daily routine? Interested in making a positive impact on a community by doing things like building homes in Colombia?

On your Remote Year journey, you’ll not only connect with other program participants, but you’ll have the opportunity to network with professionals who are based in the places you visit. Pay a visit to an ad agency in Antigua, meet up with entrepreneurs in Lisbon, or talk tech with a fellow web designer in Bali.

“It was great being able to tap into all these different other perspectives. From both a work standpoint and personally, it was so nice being able to get advice whenever you really needed it. Once I realized that I could tap into this gigantic network beyond my own cohort, I never felt like there was something I couldn’t do in my business.” - Whitney

3 people in coworking space

3 people in coworking space

Having 24/7 access to beautiful coworking spaces around the world will help you be more productive

One of the most important parts about working remotely is finding a reliable space to work in regularly. When you’re with Remote Year, you’ll never have to worry about it! We take care of all the details from flights and accommodations to Wifi and local experiences so you’re just as productive on the road as you would be in the office. 

You’ll have 24/7 access to beautiful coworking spaces in the heart of the city you’re based in. Whether you’re logging on in Lima or closing your laptop in Cape Town, our centrally-located coworking spaces make it easy to discover the magic of these cities during coffee breaks, lunch hours, and after-work walks. 

“I did very little research about Medellin before I left, because RY handles everything…(Remote Year) made me more confident about remotely working wherever on my own, but I also plan on doing more Remote Year months in the future.” -Anonymous Trustpilot Review

group overlooking view from altamira

group overlooking view from altamira

All of these new experiences will help your career grow

As a professional, you’ll absolutely benefit from the Remote Year experience! If you want to go on an adventure, there’s no need for you to take time off or hit pause on your career – you can do both at the same time and even more with Remote Year. 

The personal and professional development you’ll go through on your Remote Year journey will make you an invaluable asset for any team you’re on. And by traveling and engaging with other cultures, you’ll gain a clearer understanding on how to approach diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives with your company. 

You’ll also bring a global perspective back to your team, which gives you a unique edge for your career overall. How cool is that?!

“People who have been accepted to Remote Year and care about working remotely enough to sign up for this program are the type of professional that is comfortable with and capable of working fully remotely. Many are socially-inclined people who are a good contribution to the community we have at Galactic Fed. Of the people we have hired from Remote Year, they have been some of the best employees that I’ve had at Galactic Fed, without a doubt.” - Zach 

Living and working together with the special group of people that make up Remote Year will change your life for the better. Whether you go for 1 month or a whole year, you are making one of the best investments in your career and future. 

These experiences, the people you’ll meet, the cultures you’ll get to learn about, all of these are still just a small slice of what the Remote Year experience is truly about. You’ll get to make a positive impact on communities around the world, and have the chance to develop skills or talents you didn’t even know existed before you joined us.

We want to be able to help everybody who wants to experience the remote lifestyle while traveling. Balancing your workload while making time to experience the culture around you doesn’t have to be challenging. We’re here to support you every step of the way, from the second you hop on your plane to Medellin to the moment your head hits your pillow in Bali and everything in between.

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