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7 Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere

We’re talking about jobs where you can work when you want and how you want, on projects that inspire you and help you grow.

There is a new darling in the trends of the working world. No, we’re not talking about open concept offices, fancy snack bars, or even “create-your-own-title” job listings. What we’re most interested in is flexible work and the growing opportunity to find a job you can do from anywhere. We’re talking about jobs where you can work when you want and how you want, on projects that inspire you and help you grow.

These aren’t the kinds of jobs that you’ll find listed on your average job board. You may not even personally know someone who works remotely right now! Location independent careers are unique, limited (for now), and highly-coveted. But don’t get discouraged - working remotely and finding a remote job is an attainable dream. As champions of remote work, we’ve put together a few resources to help you get started in your search, from our top tips on finding a remote job to our favorite remote job boards that you can use to secure a position.

But before you start your search, you need to know what kinds of remote jobs are out there, not just where or how to find one. Will you be able to make the transition into location independent work with your skill set? Are the companies within your industry on board when it comes to the future of work? Though it’s still a relatively new concept, the world of flexible work is growing - and you could be the next member of the movement. See what jobs you can do from anywhere in the list below.

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7 Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere

Technology Jobs

Engineering Manager

It’s no surprise that the tech industry is one of the most common employers of remote workers today. Many location independent workers are developers or engineers of some sort.

Here are just a few of the companies hiring for a remote Engineering Manager right now:

Software Engineer

Keeping up with the engineering trend, remote software engineers are in high demand. Because most of your job can be done on your computer or over the phone, location independent work makes complete sense for your line of work. As a software engineer, you’ll work on creating new products for your company’s customers, solving complex technical problems, and potentially dealing with encryption, encoding, and security.

These companies are looking for location independent Software Engineers:

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Marketing and Customer Success Jobs

Customer Success Manager

Your most important task is to build close relationships with customers and enterprise partners in order to maintain their business and encourage repeat purchases. As a remote member of the Customer Success team, you can do all of this from your computer or phone. You can rely on video conferencing technology to give you the benefits of  in-person meetings, without having to give up your geographical freedom.

Here are a few companies that are looking for employees in their Customer Success departments:

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Marketing Manager

This title can mean a lot of different things, but one common thread weaves through all variations of this job: you’re managing a team of marketers. You’re in charge of dictating how your company showcases its products and services, from messaging and distribution to creative. Whether you’re the leader of a content creation powerhouse, or the overseer of photography and videography experts, the advancement of technology now allows you to do your job remotely.

These organizations currently have job listings for remote Marketing Managers:

Design Jobs

UX Designer

As the power of digital expands many companies are searching for full-time User Experience Designers to make their websites and products stand out. If you have experience creating user-friendly digital products, online services, and full-scale websites, you have the power to work remotely in a variety of industries.

Check out the companies that are looking for UX Designers right now:

Remote working

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are focused more on the overall creative vision for a project than problem-solving or designing for a specific user experience. Many companies look to graphic designers for logo work, social media posts, advertising creative, and more. Your work will take place primarily on a computer screen, which means that working remotely is definitely in the realm of possibility for you!

For current remote Graphic Designer listings, look no further:

Human Resources Jobs


Recruiters are in an interesting position in the remote work world. Since the business world is becoming more global everyday, recruiters need to have access to a worldwide pool of talent in order to stay at the top of their game. It’s no longer enough to bring in top candidates from major cities near a company, especially when many companies are now fully-distributed.

These companies are searching for remote Recruiters right now:

Finding a remote job is just the first step - you need to build a reputation within your role as an effective remote employee in order to keep your momentum and drive success. Use the listings above to find jobs you can do from anywhere, then follow our best practices for being a productive and efficient remote worker, including how to avoid distractions when working remotely, how to communicate within a fully-remote company, and which tools you should use as a remote worker, both digital and otherwise. Good luck in your job search, and welcome to the world of flexible work.