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Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere | Explained by Remote Year

12. Nov. 2021

Remote working

There are two ways of working remotely, from home, or while traveling the world. Whether you're logging on in your living room, or from a Remote Year trip in Lisbon or Mexico City, there are plenty of jobs you can do from anywhere. 

Some of these positions require specific skills, which you probably have already or can learn. Others, like becoming a virtual assistant and taking online surveys, have virtually zero barriers to entry.  

At Remote Year, we’re all about taking your job on the road. To help you get started, check out our previous posts on how to find remote jobsand the best job boards for remote work

Today we’re talking about jobs that let you hit the open road, explore the world, and connect with fellow digital nomads and professionals from different industries. 

Tips for Success When Working Remotely

Time really does fly by when coworking in a cafe in Lima and then logging off to explore Miraflores by bike. But as a remote employee, you still have goals to hit and deadlines to meet. Living a balanced life when working remotely at home or anywhere in the world requires focusing on good habits. 

Set a routine and keep to it by learning how to avoid distractions. This probably won’t be challenging if you’re considering a remote work travel program.

Theresa, a Product Designer and a Remote Year Participant, says, “I always feel more inspired and more productive when I'm working and traveling, especially with a set group of people. There's something special about being in an atmosphere where everyone is grinding together and holding each other accountable. I maintained a routine pretty easily, especially because the rest of the group was also very disciplined. Working and traveling just really makes you appreciate every day and every moment more. Nothing feels monotonous because there's always something new to experience.”

And don't forget to bring your digital nomad tools. These are tools that increase your productivity, keep you connected to the rest of the team, or help you find new clientele. For some, this could mean user-friendly communication tools like Zoom and Slack. For social media marketers, Hootsuite will be a must. 

7 Most Popular Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere 

1. Technology Jobs

“In today's world, it's easier than ever for people in tech to move to remote work. If you have that option at your job, or if you're already remote or looking to change jobs, then you should ask yourself this: why am I here, in this location, at this time? If the reason isn't something overwhelmingly positive and worthwhile, you should take the leap. Who knows what you'll find.” Says Tammer, a Chief Technology Officer and a member of the Remote Year community. 

‍Engineering Manager

Engineering management is one of the highest paying jobs you can do remotely. Most engineering-related jobs require advanced skills. Top employers also prefer candidates with several years of hands-on experience in that particular field. 

Though it can be demanding, a career in remote engineering management is likely to make you enough money to keep you on the road indefinitely. 

Here are a few of the companies who have hired for a remote Engineering Manager recently: WebDevStudio, Turing, Crossover, and Kraken Digital Asset Exchange. Browse more remote jobs here.

‍Software Engineer

Keeping up with the engineering trend, remote software engineers are in high demand. Because most of your job can be done on your computer or over the phone, location-independent work makes complete sense for this line of work. As a software engineer, you’ll work on creating new products for your company’s customers, solving complex technical problems, and potentially dealing with encryption, encoding, and security.

These companies have hired for location independent Software Engineers: Turing, A. Team, Flexiple, ClinicSense. Browse more remote jobs here.

Computer Programmer 

As most Remote Year computer programmers would tell you, this is one of the best careers you can do from anywhere. Remote computer programmers write, develop, and test software- all while exploring new cities as a community. 

Another great thing about coding is that these skills are ever in high demand. This means more competitive salaries, higher chances of career growth, and even greater job security. 

Here are the top remote companies hiring computer programmers: Turing, Springboard, Scandiweb, GovAssist. Browse more remote jobs here.

2. Marketing and Customer Success Jobs

‍Customer Success Manager

Customer support is one of those jobs that you can take wherever your heart desires - be it Buenos Aires or Valencia, Spain.

If you have excellent problem solving skills and a strong desire to tour the world, then you have the basics for this job.

As a Customer Success Manager (CSM), you’ll be helping companies build close relationships with customers. Among other roles, you’ll be guiding customers through the sales process by offering support and addressing their concerns.

Most customer success jobs have entry-level positions, making them great first time jobs. And because customer service skills are transferable, it’s easy for you to transition to a new industry or even change your career path. 

Here are a few companies that are looking for employees in their Customer Success departments: EngagedMD, Filestage, Leadsimple, Inc, James Publishing, and Rivo Commerce. Browse more remote jobs here.

Marketing Manager

This title can mean a lot of different things, but one common thread weaves through all variations of this job: you’re managing a team of marketers. You’re in charge of dictating how your company showcases its products and services, from messaging and distribution to creative. 

Whether you’re the leader of a content creation powerhouse, or the overseer of photography and videography experts, this is one of those jobs that you can do remotely for the foreseeable future. 

These organizations have hired for Marketing Managers: Virtual Internships, EngagedMD, Coldsmoke Creative. Browse more remote jobs here.

‍Search Engine Marketing Specialist 

Search engine marketing may be an exciting remote position if you enjoy technology and have a passion for marketing. As a Search Engine Marketing specialist, you’ll be required to drive traffic toward your client’s website via paid ads. This job involves designing and reviewing digital ad campaigns, tracking ad campaign ROI, and creating regular reports for your clients. 

You’ll need to have particular skills to become a valuable Search Engine Marketing specialist. But once you develop your skills and experience, the pay can be pretty incredible. 

Taking Online Surveys

This is another great opportunity if you’re looking for the best jobs you can work from anywhere without any qualifications. As an online survey taker, you help companies learn more about their products and services through market research. Some companies may also employ you to perform telephone interviews where you report accurate and honest results to the research team.

Paid online surveys are legal and safe. But you’ll need to identify genuine survey sites to ensure they are legitimate. Taking online surveys is not the highest paying job, but it’s not time-consuming. So you can earn some spending money while learning other lucrative and in-demand skills online. 

Here are legitimate sites that will pay you to take surveys online today: Swagbucks, Lifepoints , InboxDollars, Survey Junkie, iSay. Browse more remote jobs here.

Social Media Marketing 

Hootsuite says that over 50% of brand awareness happens on social media platforms. So it’s not surprising that social media marketing is one of the ultimate jobs where you can work from anywhere.

As a social media marketer, your role is to promote your client’s brand and products on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You need to be good at getting followers and engaging them directly by answering their questions and handling their complaints. 

Social media marketing is a fun and in-demand role. Though you don’t need a university degree to succeed in this job, creative and communication skills are a must. 

‍Graphic Designer

Graphic designers focus more on the overall creative vision for a project. Many companies look to graphic designers to help create designs for logos, social media posts, creative advertising, and more. Just like UX designing and programming, you need some knowledge to become a graphic designer.

Your work will take place primarily on a computer screen, which means taking your job to Florianopolis or Osaka should be no problem!  

For current remote Graphic Designer listings, check out Digitty Marketing, Immunefi, Crypto Excellence, Ageney Elevation, and Upwork. Browse more remote jobs here.

3. Writing and Editing Jobs 


Most businesses with websites are constantly working with copywriters. If you love writing and researching, copywriting is one the most popular jobs where you can work anywhere and finance your travels. 

Copywriting may mean many different things, depending on the industry. But it all comes down to creating clear, informative, and engaging content for a blog or website. You can take one of the two ways here- freelance writing, where you get paid on a per-task basis or committing to a particular employer long term.

When starting as a freelance writer, we recommend specializing in one niche you’re confident in. This will help you create your authority as an expert on whichever platform you choose to work on - Fiverr, Freelance.com, Iwriter, Upwork, etc. 

Some companies hiring for copywriting gigs are: Clevertech, SiteCare, Spiralyize, Livingston Research, and Upwork. Browse more remote jobs here.


Looking for one of the easiest remote jobs you can do from anywhere? How about listening to audio or video recordings and typing what you hear word-for-word? That’s what transcription is all about. 

There are simple transcription jobs that anybody with basic typing skills can do without formal training. Of course, you need to understand the language in use. But some specialty areas, like medical and legal transcription, require proper training and certification. Experienced transcriptionists in high-paying positions can transcribe one hour of audio in 2-3 hours, leaving them with enough time to get out and explore the world. 

Here are a few of the best places to get transcription gigs online: Rev, Upwork TranscribeMe, Castingwords, Crowdsurf, Scribie. Browse more remote jobs here.

4. Design Jobs

‍UX Designer

As the world becomes more digital, many companies are searching for full-time User Experience Designers to make their websites and products stand out. If you have experience creating user-friendly digital products and online services, there are tons of jobs that you can work from anywhere awaiting you. 

Thanks to the growing demand for UX Designers, the salary ceiling is quickly exceeding the 5-digit mark. An entry-level UX designer's salary is around $75000 annually, and this can increase quickly as you become more experienced.  

Check out the companies that are looking for UX Designers right now: Toptal, Stimulus, A.Team, Tyler Technologies, CommonLit. Browse more remote jobs here.

Video Editor 

Video editing is another “work from anywhere job,” offering you loads of freedom and flexibility to tour the world. As a video editor, you’ll be required to edit raw footage by adding sound effects, graphics, and special effects to tell a story. 

It takes hard work and consistent practice to become a successful video editor for a TV show. But there are so many content creators looking for freelance video editors to polish their videos for YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. And that gives you an opportunity to grow your basic video editing skills while earning a little bit of money. 

The best part about video editing is that anybody can get into it, even without a bachelor’s degree. Provided you are willing to learn, then all you need is Google and YouTube videos. 

Here are video editing positions that you can apply for: Growth Machine, Dragonfruit Media, Crypto Jobs, Hujra.pk, Toogit. Browse more remote jobs here.

5. Human Resources Jobs


Since the business world is becoming more global every day, recruiters need access to a worldwide pool of talent to stay at the top of their game. If you’re a recruiter already (or are training to become one), this is a job you can do while living like a local thousands of miles away. 

As a remote recruiter, you help hiring firms connect with the right candidates for various positions. So you need to understand what each position requires and be able to evaluate candidates accordingly. 

These companies are searching for remote recruiters right now: Files.com, Close, Maharishi Foundation International. Browse more remote jobs here.

Virtual Assistant (VA)

This is one of the in-demand remote work from anywhere jobs today. Gartner predicts increased demand for VAs through 2025. 

Every virtual assistant position is different. But typically, you’ll be helping with various administrative tasks like answering and directing calls, responding to emails, and writing and maintaining records. Most virtual assistance jobs have virtually no barriers to entry. But excellent typing skills and the ability to solve unexpected problems, clearly communicate ideas, and work well in a team will set your resume apart. 

You can find virtual assistant jobs on remote job board sites like this.

6. Accounting and Finance Jobs

Virtual Accountant/Bookkeeper 

Virtual bookkeeping is another job that is on the rise. Crunching numbers accurately requires a quiet environment away from the regular distractions in on-location offices. This is another opportunity to make money on the road, especially if you’re numbers-oriented. 

Accounting tools are readily available digitally. So, you can work with your clients anywhere in the world and set your working hours. As a virtual bookkeeper, you’ll be handling your clients’ daily financial tasks, including monitoring cash flow, sending payments, and preparing invoices. 

You don’t just wake up and decide to become a virtual accountant. This is a professional job that requires at least a CPA certificate. Learning accounting software will also improve your employability. 

Check out a few virtual bookkeeping positions that are currently open: Audantic, Deel, Parcl, Selfkey. Browse more remote jobs here.

Data Entry

Next in our recommendation of jobs you can do from anywhere is data entry. It’s basically typing information from physical records into a database. You may also be required to review data files for accuracy and completeness and maintain records. 

Data entry does not need a lot of qualifications. So you can consider this a bridge into the world of remote working. And work is plentiful. If you’re fast, you can grind out jobs quickly and get enough money to sustain yourself on the road.

Remote data entry also requires minimal tools. So it’s ideal for remote workers who prefer keeping their luggage as light as possible. 

See the top companies looking for data entry specialists below: Bravo Property Management and Realty, Polygon Technology, Stefanini, Tower Health, Study.com. Browse more remote jobs here.

7. Education and Training Jobs


You might just be perfect for the freelance translation industry if you speak multiple foreign languages. You don’t need a degree to become a translator, especially if you were raised in a multilingual household. But if you really want to fund your travel working as a translator, you’ll want to go for the high-paying jobs. And to stand out for those, a certificate is something to look into. 

As easy as it sounds, translation can be a very competitive niche. The trick here is mastering a combination that not many translators possess. Arabic, Mandarin, German, Spanish, and Dutch (in that order) are the highest-paying translation languages at the moment. 

Specializing in a particular field, for example, medicine, tourism, or legal stuff, will also place you a step ahead of others. 

These companies have openings for translators: Alohas, Hujra.pk, Toogit, Upwork. Browse more remote jobs here.

Teach Languages Online

Another way to make money using your language skills is to become a language tutor online. Unlike translation, you don’t need to be multilingual to earn some extra cash. But you’ll be ahead of the game if you’re an expert in a couple of the most in-demand foreign languages.

Having an edge means that you’ll be able to earn more while working fewer hours. As a remote worker, fewer working hours means a more flexible lifestyle and an opportunity to connect with the remote community. 

To help you get started, these are the top websites if you wish to teach languages and earn money as a globetrotter: Preply, Italki, MyLingo Trip, Verbal Planet, Lingoda. Browse more remote jobs here.

Final Thoughts 

There is more to working remotely than simply escaping the traditional 9-to-5 working style. It’s about designing your ultimate dream lifestyle and living it fully. Instead of waiting for your annual leave to take a vacation, you start creating the lifestyle you want, allowing you to explore and go on adventures, while maintaining the work life balance that suits you.

Picture a flexible lifestyle where you log in from the sun-kissed beaches in Split, Croatia, this month and Nairobi, Kenya, next month. Imagine how life would be if you choose when to work, when to wander through the new city with friends, and when to network with other remote workers to broaden your horizon. 

Such is the life that Remote Year program participants live. And you, too, could join them. 

Good luck in your job search, and welcome to the world of flexible work. Start your remote job search here.


Where do you pay taxes if you work remotely?

For the most part, you likely will have to pay taxes in your home country. But that’s until you become a resident for tax purposes in the country you’re currently working from. 

How long can you work remotely in another country?

In most countries, you can work freely as a foreign remote worker for up to 183 consecutive days without becoming tax liable. But some countries like Spain expect you to pay taxes for income earned even if you’ve been there for less than 183 days. It’s in your best interest to get expert legal advice, so you don’t get into trouble with the local taxation authorities. 

Can you work remotely from another country without a visa?

It depends. Some countries might allow you to work remotely with a tourist visa. Other countries require you to apply for a working visa or a digital nomad visa if you wish to work remotely as a traveler. Always do your research, especially where the laws are not clear to avoid unnecessary legal issues. 

Which website is best for online jobs?

Upwork is easily one of the best places to find remote working jobs. It has a wide range of projects for freelancers from all industries and an intuitive dashboard that keeps everything nicely organized. Fiverr is another great option for beginners. You can also search on a vetted remote job board here.

What is the highest-paying remote job?

Remote Developer is the highest-paying remote job according to weworkremotely. Remote Web Designer and Remote Project Manager are other careers you can do from anywhere while earning big bucks.

Looking for a remote job that aligns with your professional ambitions while nurturing your love for travel and adventure? 

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