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Brave, Bold, Boundary-Breaking: Introducing Remote Year Jemison

12. Nov. 2021

City views

What sparks your zest for life?

Is it the thrill of landing in a new city, unaware of the experiences to come but full of anticipation for them anyway? Is it a meaningful conversation with a new friend that fuels the light burning inside you?

For us, it’s tacos.

Just kidding. Kind of.

Say goodbye to your boundaries.

For too many people, that spark only flickers to life occasionally. Their lives, though comfortable, are relatively routine day after day. Sound familiar?

With a supportive community by your side and a little courage to take the leap, the next year of your life could be more than a flicker - it could light up your world with the strength of a forest fire.

Remote Year Jemison is named after a bold, intrepid woman who refused to fall into line with the status quo. Mae Jemison was the first African American to travel into space, busting through glass ceilings as she broke through the stratosphere.

That level of audacity is something that you will find within yourself on Remote Year Jemison. As you venture through Latin America, Africa and Europe on this twelve-month itinerary, you will notice your growing desire to break free from routines that have held you back. You will open yourself up to new experiences and chase after challenges that have seemed all but impossible in the past.

If you’re considering a work and travel program, you’re already taking the first step.

To put it plainly: this is the opportunity that will change the way you look at the world - and your place within it.

Where will Remote Year Jemison take you?

The first city that you’ll live, work and play in is Buenos Aires. Known for its incredible asados (local grills), vibrant restaurant scene and vivacious nightlife filled with Tango, this city will show you the joys of a remote working lifestyle. Think tree-lined walks to the workspace where you’ll sip mate as you dive into your to-dos, followed by a lunchtime run through the city’s renowned parks and wrapping up the day with a glass of famed Argentinian wine as you watch the sun set over the port. That’s the way we do BA.

Fast forward to month four in Medellín. After being in Spanish-speaking countries the last few months, you’ll be confident with your “holas” and “por favors!” This dynamic city set in a lush valley and surrounded by breathtaking mountains has so much to offer. With greenery everywhere you turn and an up-and-coming entrepreneurial scene, it’s a nature-loving professional’s paradise.

As you make your way across the Atlantic, you’ll be dreaming of your next destination: Lisbon. This city by the sea is a favorite among Remotes for its consistently pleasant weather, entrancing architecture and the occasional Friday spent working from the beach. Lisbon is also home to a Remote Year-designed coworking space named WIP (work in progress) and a wonderful local team who will ensure that you take in everything this city has to offer.

The first African city on your itinerary? Cape Town. Known as the “Mother City”, this cultural gem sits in the center of a range of peaks that deliver some of the most fantastic panoramic views you’ve ever seen. You’ll just have to make it to the top first. Plan on discussing your next big business idea over braai (the South African take on barbeque), succumbing to the wonder of nature while on safari and swimming with the penguins during your time in Cape Town.

This is the year that you let go of the boundaries that have been holding you back. Are you ready to take the leap?

Remote Year Jemison kicks off on July 1, 2018 and runs through June 30, 2019.