Your Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Your Remote Year Adventure

Your Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Your Remote Year Adventure

From packing to phone plans to travel-friendly credit cards, we share some resources to help you get ready to travel with the Remote Year community.

You’ve made the great decision to embark on an adventure with Remote Year. Nice move! Maybe you’ll be taking a week for yourself to relax in the Pelion mountains or you’re about to set up shop on a scenic terrace in Istanbul for your 1-month Trip. Perhaps you’ve chosen to take your remote ‘office’ on a 4-month Journey around Asia, or to join for the full ride on a 12-month Journey of a lifetime around the world. Now, it's probably the time to start thinking about how you can best prepare for the journey ahead and we are here to help you with that! Together with our community of travelers, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide with tips, suggestions and resources to help you pack up and get ready to explore. We’ve been in your traveling shoes. Now it’s your time to get ready to explore! 

People at the airport

Visas, Passports, and Other Travel Documents Needed for Remote Year

Whether the new view from your window will be a Hindu temple in Hanoi or the Parthenon in Athens, the first step of any adventure is getting your visas, passports and travel documents in order. All Remote Year travelers are responsible for securing their own visas for each destination they visit, so we're sharing this preliminary guide to help you get started. Discover which documents you may need, helpful resources, and some frequently asked questions ahead of your trip.

Cozy home

Everything You Need to Know to Prepare Your Home for Long-term Travel

Soon, you’ll be leaving your current home and next, you’ll be having your morning coffee on your porch on the coast of Bali. Whether you’re leaving for a month to New Orleans, or spending the year traveling around the world, you’ll need to prepare your home and belongings for long term travel. Some of you might choose to move out of your apartment and have to store your belongings, while some might opt to rent out your home or get a friend to house-sit. Whichever path you choose, our community has some tips for preparing your current home for a long trip.

Woman packing

How to Pack for Long Term Travel With Remote Year

We’ve all been there… With an open suitcase on the floor and every single piece of clothing piled up on the bed. ‘Do I need this, do I need that?’ We’ll help you out a bit with those packing choices. Our community are seasoned travelers, so we have compiled a guide to help you decide what ends up in your bag. Let’s begin!

Woman using her phone

Finding the Best Phone Plan for International Travel 

Should you stay with your existing phone plan and use up your international data? Or maybe you should get a local SIM card and use both? Whether you're checking your maps app trying to find that noodle spot in Chiang Mai or making after-work plans with your new friends in Valencia,  you’re probably wondering what your best options are for using your phone while traveling abroad. To help you sort through all the options, we’ve put together this guide to finding the best cell phone plans for international travel. 

Debit cards

Best Ways to Handle Money When Traveling Abroad

Whether you’re dealing with dollars, pesos or euros, how to handle your money abroad is something you have to think about before traveling. Where should you exchange your money? What are the ATM fees like? From travel-friendly credit cards to banks with good currency exchange charges, we’re sharing some of our favorite travel tips to help you navigate your personal finances while on a Remote Year adventure. 


Coworking Spaces: How to Travel While Working Remotely

Traveling with Remote Year means working remotely from the most inspiring destinations and workspaces on the planet! Type away on a rooftop terrace with a view in Lisbon, or take meetings in Cape Town’s lively waterfront district. Wherever you choose to join us, you’ll be setting up shop in cool workspaces within a 25-minute walk of your accommodation.Learn more about what to expect when it comes to coworking in this post!


Navigating Technology While Traveling: What You Need to Know  

Being a traveler and a remote worker means being connected at all times. Call home while sitting in Palermo’s town square and send work emails from a café in Chicago. As a fully-remote global company, we know just how important it is to stay connected and online while on the road and so does our community! Learn more about the best tips and resources when it comes to using technology on your travels. 

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Staying Safe and Healthy While Traveling With Remote Year

When exploring a new country, It's always important to keep health and safety in mind! From travel insurance and emergency contacts to vaccines and prescriptions, we’re sharing our favorite travel tips for staying safe and healthy while on the road with Remote Year.  Our guide has you covered!

Staying active on the road

There you have it! From phone plans and packing strategies to sorting out travel insurance and visa paperwork, these tips should help you get ready for your next Remote Year adventure! Once all the practical stuff is done, you can let the excitement sink in for the amazing travels and experiences that are about to begin! Still have questions? We’re here to help! Drop us a line at and we’ll be in touch. We can't wait to see you on the road soon!