A Day in the Life of a Full Time Employee on Remote Year

You may spend your work week in the office right now, but if most of your work can be done from a phone or computer, you could be in the perfect situation to take your role remote.

Meet Catherine Ocampo

Catherine is a Merchandise Planning Manager for one of the largest American retailers, headquartered in New York City. Although the company has flexible work from home policies, she is one of the first people in the entire organization to work remotely abroad. Once gaining approval to take her role remote to participate on Remote Year, she made sure that her team knew exactly what to expect and how to communicate before she left. With all of her bases covered, the only thing left was to make her way to Europe!

One thing that surprised Catherine was the standard of living in Remote Year cities, especially how easy it was to transition to living in Remote Year apartments. Coming from a simple apartment in Brooklyn, she was thrilled with the living situation on Remote Year: clean apartments, convenient commutes, and thoughtfully stocked units.

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