Remote Year Onboarding

So you’ve made the decision to join a Remote Year program… now what?!

You’ve already made the decision and committed to traveling on a Remote Year program—now comes the fun part. You’re officially a Premote (a Pre-Remote), and the Remote Year Onboarding Team is ready to support you in preparing for your travels. As in-house experts in long-term travel and the Remote Year experience, they have knowledge to share, support to provide and inspiration through which they'll empower you.

Here's what you should know:

Tailored Support

We are side-by-side with our Premotes for months (sometimes an entire year!) before Arrival Day. Building authentic and meaningful relationships is our top priority, whether that’s through a 1:1 phone call, a virtual session on Onboarding Office Hours or email exchanges with your Onboarding Coordinator.

Robust Knowledge Base

You aren’t the first person to ask that “weird” question, and you certainly won’t be the last! Find answers on the Premote Hub, your one-stop-shop for all things Remote Year prep. Research international phone solutions, travel insurance options, best practices for packing light and so much more.

Community Cultivation

Feel empowered to own your Remote Year experience from day one. Participate in Premote webinars and, as your Arrival Day gets closer, virtually meet your fellow Remotes on program-specific webinars and via the Remote Year Slack platform to start learning more about your community and what to expect from your itinerary’s offerings.

Don’t let your checklist stand in the way.

Preparing for an extended period of travel can sound daunting...until you remember you have an Onboarding Team supporting you every step of the way! We’ve helped almost 2,000 Premotes in the months leading up to their Remote Year program, and we’re excited to do the same for you. From selling cars, getting rid of apartments or even finding a home for Fido - we’ve seen hundreds of past participants overcome the same obstacles. 

Let the countdown begin.

Three months pre-departure, you’ll start receiving additional weekly emails tailored specifically for your community and itinerary. One month later, you’ll be on Slack, the primary communication platform for the entire Remote Year Nation—Premotes, Remotes and Citizens (alumni). And, the last month leading up to your Arrival Day will be a busy one! Two webinars just for your community, meeting your Program Leader and finally boarding the flight that starts your epic adventure.

Meet the Onboarding Team

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