Remote Year Positive Impact

At Remote Year, we strive to share our time and talent to make a Positive Impact on the communities we call home.

Remote Year is on a mission to create a more peaceful and productive world by fostering genuine human connections across diverse cultures and people. As a part of this mission, Remote Year facilitates Positive Impact initiatives, in which participants collaborate with local nonprofits to give back to the communities that we call home during our programs. Our City Teams work to create sustainable, long-term partnerships with community partners that work with RY programs to achieve their organizational goals. On top of this, some communities get creative and plan their own initiatives while some individuals step into leadership roles and lead their own projects. Check out some of our projects below!

Funds Raised

So far, Remote Year programs have raised over $134,390 for charities and non-profits we’ve worked with across Latin America, Asia, Europe and South Africa.

Volunteer Hours

Members of our global community have put in over 14,842 hours towards helping Positive Impact initiatives around the world while on their programs.

Projects & Fundraisers

So far our Nation has worked on over 312 different projects with various fundraisers in the last 4 years and our groups continue to look for more potential partnerships and opportunities every month.

"Positive Impact was a huge part of my RY experience. The consistency of our monthly service projects was a valuable bonding experience for our group and it taught me much more about the culture in each of our cities than I would have found on my own."

—Max Steinman, Remote Year Cousteau

Examples of past Positive Impact Initiatives

Yugen Build

The Yugen Build goal of constructing 58 homes for impoverished families in Bogotá is a lofty one. In order to serve these families and provide them with a safe, comfortable environment in which to live, Remote Year Yugen must raise $116,000. Check out the video below:

Charity Makeover

Started by a few Citizens with an artistic streak and passion for doing good, Charity Makeover pulls on the diverse skill set of RY Nation to organize and execute game-changing marketing makeovers for local charities in single-day hackathon events. Here is one of the marketing videos created by one of our citizens Eddie Contento for Proyecto Carayá

Race Across the Nation

Twice a year, the collective Remote Year community comes together to run some charity miles with over 200 participants and over 1,000 miles run during each event. To date, Remote Nation has raised over $3,000 for our partner charity Cool Earth. Check out our community hype video created by Remote Year employees around the world.

More PI Initiatives and Photos

Make a Miracle

Make a Miracle's mission is to bring hope and lasting change to the community of San Juan de Lurigancho. their leadership team and mentors empower and encourage individuals to transform their lives and community through college scholarships, housing and community outreach.

  • We've had five groups coming in to help build seven houses in 2019.
  • The impact we have on their lives is nothing compared to the impact they have on us, just be contrasting realities and see how much of a difference it can be done in just one day for one family's lives is overwhelming.
Remote Year Forest in Argentina

The RY Patagonia side trip has a  strong PI aspect. With each ticket purchase, every participant donates 3 trees to be planted in the “Remote Year Forest.” That’s hundred of trees planted annually!

Tacos for Trees

Raising over $8,000 USD for Cool Earth,  one group turned the RY Taco Challenge into a force for good. Cool Earth is also a formal RY partner helping us offset carbon emissions to keep the earth we love to explore happy and healthy.

Pit Stop in Malaysia

A community cafe for homeless individuals and refugees, feeding anywhere from 130-300 people a day.  Remotes have helped serve food, built them a CRM to track the people they are serving and help with inventory needs, helped source new food partners and so much more

Wild Flower Home in Thailand

A non-profit organization that accommodates women and children from surrounding villages who have been ostracized for various reasons. Remotes help with labor around their large property and to teach  the women basic business and trade skills. RY also helps with fundraising, sales and marketing for their website and online store.

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