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Your European Summer Is Calling: Introducing Remote Year Kairos

12. Nov. 2021

Boat in Croatia

Say it with us: European summer. Picture the Mediterranean breeze in your hair, the quaint cafes for you to work from, the tapas to share with new friends, and all of the magic waiting in parts of the world that you never knew existed.

And you were planning on spending this summer in an office.

Summer is meant to be savored.

Let’s face it: living vicariously through your friend’s Instagram isn’t cutting it. You need a change of scenery.

This summer, take your talent on the road with Remote Year Kairos. Our newest 4-month program will take you on a tour of some of Europe’s most iconic cities, while connecting you with a community that will support you as you achieve your goals along the way.

Every month, you’ll experience life in a different country and get inspired by its vibrant culture. You’ll feel yourself dive into your work with renewed vigor, spurred on by the contagious energy of the other Kairos Remotes. When you’re not in the workspace, you’ll embrace your inner mermaid, as each city that you travel to is in close proximity to the sea, rivers and even picturesque lakes.

True to the meaning behind “kairos”, you’ll spend your summer measuring your time in moments instead of minutes, finally choosing to act on that voice inside your head that’s been telling you to chase your dreams.

Where will Remote Year Kairos Take You?

You’ll start your journey in Split, Croatia, a favorite among Remotes and Citizens and home to a Remote Year workspace, WIP. You’ll fall asleep to the sound of waves crashing against the shore and wake up to the sun glinting off of centuries-old buildings. Split will show you its history and invite you to add your own memories to its story.

Your second month will be spent in Prague, Czech Republic, a prolific city that will nearly overwhelm you with things to do, see and taste. Don’t worry - our local Experience Managers will make sure that you get the VIP experience. Enjoy the local breweries and coffeeshops while you soak up the history of this extraordinary city.

Then, you’ll move on to Valencia, Spain. This stunning city is home to incredible architecture, a river park and an indescribable creative energy. With perfect weather nearly year round, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a day that you won’t want to spend enjoying tapas or paella valenciana.

Finally, you’ll round out your summer in Sofia, Bulgaria. A perfect finale to your European summer, Sofia is the place you didn’t know you were missing. It is a laid-back city, filled with stunning architecture and surrounded by mountains and lakes for you to explore.

Our bags are packed. Will you join us?

Remote Year Kairos launches on April 29, 2018  and concludes on August 25, 2018.